Anyone who is familiar with Bethany (House of Poverty) will immediately recall the many crisis that house has experienced. One that will touch the hearts of the congregation is the death of Amy Stockstill (blessed be her soul). She was the wife of Joel Stockstill. 

     According to the blog at WWW.LARRYSTOCKSTILL.COM


“She is in the victory in her battle against Hodgkin’s disease and we know the devil will lose this battle.  Prayer is winning this battle and I thank you for your love, compassion, and faith hooking up with ours until she is totally healthy. Have a great 2008!

Bro. Larry”


      As one observes, Larry Stockstill made several interesting claims and NOT ONE was “…may His will be done(Mt.6:5-18)….”. Instead, Larry (like a prosperity televangelist) names-and-claims the following in his blog “WELCOME TO 2008” (posted January 10, 2008):

  1. Tuesday, I was privileged to share the platform with Jentezen Franklin, Bob Rodgers, and Tommy Tenney in Atlanta on TBN.  Our subject was “prayer and fasting, the key to American revival.”
  2.  Our church is going have seven days of prayer and fasting next week (January 13-20) and three prayer meetings a day.  If you don’t attend a church where there is coordinated fasting, join us where you are and believe for a new America through prayer and fasting
  3. Thank you for praying for my daughter-in-law, Amy.  She is in the victory in her battle against Hodgkin’s disease and we know the devil will lose this battle.
  4. Prayer is winning this battle and I thank you for your love, compassion, and faith hooking up with ours until she is totally healthy. Have a great 2008!

     First, hooking up with the corrupt Priesthood of T.B.N. is the immediate downfall of Bethany’s leader. How could a caring Pastor join the body of Christ with the money greedy priest that dwell at that network.  It’s because their message is Larry’s message, “…GIVE OVER AND BEYOND.”. The priest on this show constantly report to their follower’s that GOD told them to tell their congregants to give more and more and more and more, i.e., until it hurts! I strongly encourage those who claim to be “good stewards” to research the greed, fake messages from GOD, and the false promises made in order to rob the poor. These men have no conscience and will plunder the elderly, single moms, those on welfare, and particularly minorities. If you see your love-ones being fleeced and say nothing, SHAME ON YOU!

     Second, Larry claims Bethany during the month of January will have “…SEVEN DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING!” This is obviously a conclusion to the subject while standing on his platform at TBN. Like always, Larry seeks to covet members from other churches. Instead of asking them to remain at their church and seek guidance from their local pastor he states, “join us”. A man of integrity will not seduce other congregants but contact THEIR PASTOR and have him direct his congregation. They are held responsible for their congregation straying. I surely hope no one seeks unevenly yoke themselves with Bethany’s prayers. The opposite happens as we will see next.

     Third, He thanks everyone for their constant praying for Amy, his daughter-in-law. He even goes so far as to claim, “She is in the VICTORY in her battle….WE KNOW the devil WILL LOSE this battle.”.  Remember the plea for others to “JOIN US“, well he’s grateful for their “…faith hooking up with ours….” and reminds the  prayer-partners that “PRAYER IS WINNING THIS BATTLE….”.

     Finally, now that we see Amy has in fact LOST her battle with Hodgkin’s Disease what are we to make of Larry’s claims? Remember, he claimed that “WE KNOW THE DEVIL WILL LOSE THIS BATTLE”. 


  •      QUESTION: We know from Larry’s claim that their was a battle between Amy, the prayers of Bethany,their prayer-partners and the Devil. We know from Larry that the Devil was going to lose at the end of this battle.  According to Larry the Devil will be obvious because that is the one who will lose “…THIS BATTLE.”.  By using Larry’s standards what does that make Amy since she lost this battle?


     I pray for Amy and her husband and their families.  Larry Stockstill needs to learn true prayer and not the phoney profits (prophets) that he’s yoked with at T.B.N. that rob the poor and whose prayers go unanswered! Their is no glory in a building calling itself Bethany. Bethany is the hebrew word(Bethanyah) which means “HOUSE OF POVERTY/AFFLICTION/MISERY”.  Why would you allow yourself to be yoked with such a house?

     There are many well researched articles on T.B.N. and their false visions and prophecies. One ministry of integrity is the Christian Research Institute at WWW.EQUIP.ORG which informs Christians:


Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) should change its name. Not only are many of the programs on the network functionally non-Trinitarian (i.e., the doctrine makes no impact upon their doctrinal stance), but there is also a networkwide willingness to entertain blatant deviations from the truth of God’s triune existence. One will often find T.D. Jakes preaching on the network, even though his confession of faith is modalistic, not Trinitarian, in terminology. He eschews the term “Persons” and prefers, instead, the favorite phrase of the Oneness Pentecostals; three “manifestations.”12 He likewise uses Oneness terminology when he says, “We have one God, but He is Father in creation, Son in redemption, and Holy Spirit in regeneration.”13

In the same way, Jesse DuPlantis is allowed to present his mystical trips to heaven on TBN without anyone pointing out that what he claims to have seen is in direct contradiction to the biblical doctrine of the Trinity. Someone should speak up and say that DuPlantis is flying directly in the face of scriptural truth when he claims to have seen “Jesus come out of Jehovah-Elohim-God” and then to have discovered that the Holy Spirit was a separate deity who was not in heaven but on earth.14 Many today are afraid to contradict  “spiritual experiences” on the basis of Scripture, as if someone’s experience is more authoritative than the Word of God!


     Brothers and Sisters in Christ, before yoking yourselves with the House of Misery do your research. Stop using your feelings as a guide instead of your eyes.  The adoption of heresy and yoking with corrupt priests and implementing their teachings won’t be found by your feelings but again, what’s in plain sight!


     Another name-it and claim-it quote from Larry’s blog entitled “PRAYER SERVICES” posted November 06, 2007:


I want to thank so many of you who are praying and pressing in for Amy my daughter in law.  God is turning the battle in her body but we are not letting up until Satan totally releases her from this attack. Let’s get ready for a great year of 2008.


     From his international trip to Seoul, Korea Larry claims,


Keep me in your prayers and particularly keep praying for my daughter-in-law, Amy (Joel’s wife). We are in a real battle for her health, but WE WIN.


    How will our prayers get answered if we yoke ourselves with false profits (prophets)? How can Amy’s Temple (body) house both The Holy Spirit and Satan? Again, how will our prayers get answered if we yoke ourselves with false profits(prophets)? How can this false prophet who sees false dreams/visions and claims victory over disease continue? According to the Holy Scriptures are Prophets of God only 50% correct in their claims and visions? Should Larry not humble himself and repent of this name-it and claim-it action directly?


Various quotes and claims for Amy Stockstill:

Our church continues this week in it’s 21 days of prayer (and fasting this week) for Joel and Amy’s health. Amy feels great and continues her treatment but we are believing for a total eradication of this tumor from her body”(posted July 10, 2007, entitled “The Call and Birmingham“)


We began a nightly prayer service from 6-7 at the North and South Campuses led by Melanie at the North and me at the South.  Each night, our intercessors are gathering to seek the Lord for Amy (and Joel’s) healing.  On Thursday evening, the last night of the Youth Conference, our presbyters gathered around Amy in the service and took authority over this growth.  It has no power to stay and we are standing in faith for a total miracle of healing to manifest in her body(Posted on June 30, 2007; entitled “End of The month“)!