In an age where the Priesthood of GOD is corrupt, it’s up to the sons to break that iniquity of their fathers and do what is right. Joel Stockstill has failed and is continuing what he has obviously learned from his father and what his father has learned from the dubious (O)ral (R)oberts (U)niversity, the art of EISEGESIS and PROOF-TEXTING.  The reason this incident is so outlandish is that it makes Christ out to be one who breaks his promises.  At his blog site Joel Stockstill published a report on his wife’s, Amy Stockstill,  health status:


  • His grace has been suffecient but the end will be a welcome relief when Jesus the Healer manifests Himself and fulfills His promise of all-ready paid for healing.
    1 Peter 2:24b- You have been healed by His wounds


     Joel states that in the end Amy will be healed when Christ manifests himself as the healer AND “…FULFILLS HIS PROMISE OF ALL-READY PAID FOR HEALING” and uses 1Peter 2:24b in isolation as support, “You have been healed by His wounds!”. 


     Now that Amy was not healed and passed away, somebody was lying? There are two parties involved in this incident:

  1. Joel Stockstill for claiming that Christ promised healing from medical sickness at 1Pet.2:24b
  2. Christ Jesus for failing to keep his promise at 1Pet.2:24b


      Before you conclude read the whole chapter (1PETER 2) and remember the following:


  • Every fragment belongs to a verse, every verse belongs to a paragraph, every paragraph belongs to a chapter, and every chapter belongs to letter/book.


     What was the subject(Key word) that popped up continuously? It’s the same word that his father, Larry Stockstill ignores as the basis for his “Capital Campaign” by quoting 2Sam.24:24, SIN! These men need to respect God’s Word and stop twisting the text until they kill the word SIN. It won’t disappear no matter how much today’s priesthood hates it.


     Christ came to heal our bodies which have DIED TO SIN and are now HEALED to LIVE to righteousness. We are exhorted to be obedient and stop straying. As a steward of God’s Word we will all be held accountable for adding to the text and in Joel’s case, taking away.