Peace Be Upon The Sheep of Messiah Yeshua:


I received another supposedly copy of  Joel Stockstill’s suspected post. It’s slightly different from what I was given about three weeks ago. I received this copy from the username “Renee R”. I’ve attempted to contact Renee R for further investigation but the YAHOO.COM e-mail account was undeliverable. Joel’s original posting will be in bold with my response in plain text. This post was submitted to Ovadyah on December 09, 2008 @ 3:44p.m.


Updated–May 29, 2009.

Well, it looks like The Stockstills have successfully abolished Joel’s post into never-never land. The link given did go to a blank page on Joel’s website which re-directs you to a post by his daddy doing damage control. So, that Email you guys are circulating is the only evidence that it existed. If you look at the I.P. Addresses on it you can follow it back to Joel.

I couldn’t help but laugh though. Joel was obviously campaigning for the McCain/Palin Camp as seen in his blogs “Palin Phenomenon” Pt.1 and 2. and when that failed to convinced his black disciples he blames them for being “divisive” and being involved in politics, LOL!! How do y’all stand for that, LOL.