It’s no longer astonishing to see how The Stockstills at Bethany promoted Gov. Sarah Palin and demoted President Barack Obama. They continued to expose the splinters in Barack’s eyes while ignoring the beams blocking Sarah’s eyes.  We constantly heard and read of Sarah’s godliness and leadership and how much of a mom she was leading her children down a godly path. Yet, one of the many beams the Stockstill’s failed to inform their gullible congregation was the pregnant state of her UNWED-TEEN daughter Bristol Palin.


     How could this be? How could the Stockstills ignore Bristol Palin’s pregnancy in their blogs and praises of their godliness?! How could the Stockstills ignore Bristol Palin’s conception without being married?!  The answer is simple. Anything but a black president!! It makes no other sense. This women has showed she was a dunce and failure. Her daughter’s pregnancy shows, the lack of leadership. The Stockstill’s cover up shows deception. I was waiting to see when this pregnancy would be brought up while they chastised Barack and it never was and now Bristol has given birth. Still nothing by the Stockstills….


To the unwed pregnant mother’s at Bethany, Are you being praised like Bristol Palin while your teen pregnancy is being ignored and your “godliness” promoted? Or are you being told to repent of your sin? Seeing how the Stockstill’s constantly quoted Fox News and rebuked Barack Obama, How do you think they would’ve responded if Obama had an unwed pregnant teen daughter? They definitely wouldn’t conceal that fact as they did with the Palins.  Again, It’s a double-standard. It’s cute when they(The Palins) do it but a sin when blacks do it.

The most astonishing thing is that Bristol Palin who is supposed to be “annointed” and “Spirit Filled” DOESN’T EVEN BELIEVE IN ABISTINENCE, she says that it’s “UNREALISTIC“.(CLICK HERE). Abstinence is realistic “IF YOUR TRULY GROUNDED IN GOD”!

Furthermore, when the press asked Gov. Palin if her daughter was going to get married to the baby’s father, Gov. Palin did not have an anwer. She was clueless. Surely the Stockstills should have informed us of this and preached a sermon about it BUT NO!! NOT THEIR PRECIOUS PRINCESS!

Why didn’t you praise Sasha Obama and Malia Obama during the campaign??!!



Blessed Be Christ,