Peace and Grace In The Name Of Christ

Well, it seems when Larry Stockstill preaches, he’s still not practicing. When he calls on his congregation to cancel vacations and take on part time jobs to give more to his storage-house, he’s flying overseas to London and marketing another money maker. He’s overseas(Liverpool, England)  promoting his book “The Remnant” which is linked to his self-proclaimed status of a biblical prophet. Larry Stated that God has showed him a vision of Judgement Day that will be coming very very soon. Notice the only magazine that entertained this prophecy was the denomination that is the most corrupt, Charisma Magazine for the Charismatic/Pentecostal Denomination.


Association of Former Charismatics/Pentecostals

Association of Former Charismatics/Pentecostals


Larry Stocktill’s hypocrisy is so much in plain view,  how can his congregation fail to see it? It’s call oppressive authority!! When they go through that BRAINWASHING during the secluded “Encounters” they come out feeling like they are UNWORTHY to question ANY AUTHORITY! As a result, they get used up.

 When the Prosperity Gospel was popular and everyone was “speaking on it” and “claiming prosperity” and “Expecting A Hundred Fold In Return”, Larry Stockstill began marketing his prosperity-gospel book “THE LAWS OF INCREASE”. He’s so much into marketing his products that he DOESN’T EVEN USE the poor black folks in his congregation, instead, he uses models(CLICK HERE) CHECKOUT THE MOTHER Hugging her two daughters are models used by advertising agencies. U-haul has the same mother hugging her two kids in their brochures. Look at how their feet are daggling in mid air, it’s copied and pasted onto the other brother.


However, now that the Prosperity Gospel is no longer popular and HAS ROBBED THE POOR, Larry Stockstill wants to pretend that he’s repenting from this sin or in his own words “returning to simplicity”. The Stockstills surely aren’t bashful when it comes to traveling when their congregation is told to suspend theirs, LOL.


I have to give Larry credit though, he’s a slick one. First, he had his daughter go ahead of him and set up contacts Overseas with “Royalty” and when she opens doors…..he comes Daddy marketing his book, The Remnant. The ironic thing is that his marketing is definitely a Law of Increase.  Realizing many blacks in his congregation are withdrawing financial support, Larry has found another way to make money. He doesn’t need them anymore. Kicked to the curb.


Now he’s starting fresh in England where he’s attempting to market his book, THE LAWS OF INCREASE, all over again with the unsuspecting.