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In April of 2005 Larry Stockstill sold his radio station, WQCK-“THE BRIDGE”, for an exact $3.2MILLION. I searched the Stockstill’s blogs and nothing was stated about the receiving of the $3.2Million. What I can’t understand is with this money in hand, why ask your congregation to give “over and above” their means?


However, I did locate an article at the “Radio Business Report”, click here.

Also, the Radio Ink Magazine confirmed the sale, click here.


$3.2 MILLION could definitely help put some Baker, Louisiana kids through college or even fix some of those Blue Tarp Roofs. But like Larry Stockstill commands y’all, “have faith”, LOL.


What’s also interesting is that I asked some neighbors who still attend Bethany, “DOES BETHANY HAVE A RADIO STATION?”, their reply was the same, “OH YEAH, IT’S CALLED THE BRIDGE”. Upon presenting the sale of it in 2005, they admitted, “HUH? Whaaat??, WHEN??, Wait…”


The Laws Of Increase, By Larry Stockstill

The Laws Of Increase, By Larry Stockstill


Well, after the reception of the $3.2 Million in the spring of 2005, they upgraided their WLFT-CA to channel 17 in the fall.  This channel is obviously making money, so again, why do the Stockstills continue to instruct their subordinates to sacrifice vacations and money to “the church” when the Church doesn’t sacrifice their own trips and spending. 

In fact, the latest post, March 31st, Joel once again brags about his shopping spree in DALLAS, TX.

“We had great services,great times of fellowship, and ridiculous shopping”. or as the “homeboy” stated in his blog(yes, he has yet another site)

Round 2 shopping…Judah takin me this time. Ready 2 hook up some phat threads! Hippofloat stylin



Y’all keep sacrificing, Joel has some “…ridiculous shopping.” to do, LOL.