Bethany’s False Prophet Damon(from Greek DEMON)Thompson Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 

Well, I decided to give in to requests on a new posts and stopped by to see if things are truly turning for the worse as readers claim. Lo’ and behold it’s true. Bethany has brought in a tattooed littered “prophet” Damon[FROM DEMON IN BIBLICAL GREEK] Thompson to prophesy to their congregation and get them in line.  Any student of Biblical Greek will immediately recognize DAMON is a various of biblical greek which means DEMON!! Many baby-books try to clean it up to mean faithful but leave off the part of Faithful-DEMON. This DAMON does everything from humiliate the interns to admit he doesn’t get much Words From The Lord concerning the coming year. These should be red flags to the discerning christian. How can a prophet admit to rarely receiving prophesies?!

00.53 MARK-“God gave me a vision coming into this year and that doesn’t…that very rarely happens for me."

The tattooed littered prophet WAS a member of The Ramp Ministries for approximately 10-years. He made several disturbing statements concerning teen homosexuality. After making these crazy prophecies, the ministry split ways with him claiming The Holy Spirit was leading him in another direction. One claim was that gay-teen suicides were not from bullying but from the “demonic force of homosexuality.” He says:

00:32 mark. I was flipping through the channels and watching a program you know what the program was about? It was about bullying! You heard this? Kids are killing themselves because they’re being bullied but what they’re not saying is the kid is not just miserable because he’s being bullied, he’s misrerable because HE’S GAY!! Cause there’s a lot of people that are bullied that never killed themselves! But the boy already hated himself BECAUSE HE WAS DEALING WITH THE DEMONIC FORCE OF HOMOSEXUALITY!!! I know y’all aint gonna help me with this. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO BOW DOWN TO THE CULTURE!!  BEING GAY IS NOT NORMAL!!

Here we have the skin of the truth being stuffed with a lie. Yes, I agree homosexuality is not “normal”. However, this prophet in his violent rhetoric gives full  pardon to those bullying gay teens by claiming it’s the victim who is demon possessed which hated himself to death not bullies. This is should be an embarassment to the Christian Church. Thankfully we have Christian Apololgist Hank Hanegraaf who notes that bullies are causing gay-teens to kill themselves. He adds that it’s not due to “christians” but “bullies”. After hearing Bethany’s prophet screaming and yelling, his disclaimer is hard to believe.

Anyway, back to “prophet”Damon Thompson who was given a platform at Just a quick list(not exhaustive list) of additional red flags from his mouth in their video here:

  • 01.25 mark -“The Holy Spirit gave me a vision on December 28th. I was driving…showed me 12 gates that would open in 2012….a state of Revival in Louisiana!” Here we go again, every year Bethany’s god is proclaiming this is the year of revival.  Can your prophets come up with something new in first calendar month?!
  • “01:52 Bethany is the hub for awakening America?!”. OMG, it’s the same recycled claims of Joel Stockstill and every other prophet they endorse. It definitely gives Bethany’s congregation a sense of hope. But don’t they get tired of hearing the same empty claims every first quarter of every year?!

  • “03:52 I don’t have that many friends. So the friends that I have are real good friends. I’m kinda like when uh Ike Clanton asked Doc Holiday in the shootout out in Tombstone. Y’all…y’all…Y’ALL NOT THAT SPIRITUAL ARE YA(emphasis mine)?!”. WoW, here is a so-called prophet of God, using a Rated-R movie to explain friendship to God’s Church and ask “Y’all not that spiritual are ya?!”.  I can understand a newbie using a Rated-R movie to explain friendship but not a so-called prophet of over 10-years!!

  • 05:40 “And I think Nick Saban’s name is in the Bible Code somewhere in Revlelations, it’s actually Satan. They just change they just changed the letter. I don’t know if that’s true. That’s just what I’m throwing out there. I don’t know….I don’t know… pray about it, see what you feel.”. WoW, a prophet of God calling  fellow Christian Satan because he HATES Alabama State?! Damon Thompson’s character of a biblical prophet gets farther from Scripture, he’s more of a comedian to the world.

  • “05:52. Bethany’s prophet goes on to give a revelation by The Holy Spirit concering Acts 12. He forces  a meaning onto The Book of Acts that is not there. This called Eisegesis, Allegory, and Scripture twisting. This has nothing to do with HIS 12 Gates Theory.

  • 09:13. This Damon[Demon] goes on to do the worse Word-Study I’ve ever seen. His focus is the word “harass, Acts 12:1”. He claims this biblical word, based on the KJV/NKJV, “I don’t know if I could find a GREATER TRANSLATION of what the people that I’m most closely connected to went through in 2011. I guess not here.”. PROBLEM: If the Holy Spirit is giving a revelation to a prophet surely the Word-Study would NOT BE BASED ON ENGLISH and instead the Biblical Greek found in the MSS,  κακῶσαί(KAKOSAI). The Congregations initial responses(nothing) was the right response. They know this text can’t be applied to them. They did not receive physical abuse from the government. This does not stop the Damon’s twisting of KAKOSAI.


DAMON is from greek for DEMON. It's an english variation of DAIMON. It's used in Biblical Greek to describe those possessed by devils and speak in The Devil's authority.


 The Damon claims the Holy Spirit showed him the following semantics based on prooftexting Acts 12:1′ KAKOSAI:

  1. Harassment last year(09:38)
  2. Some uncommon conflict last year(09:40)
  3. Some struggles within relationships(09:43)
  4. Some struggles with health(09:45).
  5. Some struggles within FINANCE(09:47)
  6. I saw people that I walked with, that I knew had a significant walk with The Lord begin to deal with some challenges last year BECAUSE 11 IS THE NUMBER OF TRANSITION and transition is challenging, transition is uncomfortable, transition is laborious(09:48)

WoW, absolutely a mishandling of God’s Word by this Damon! Again, The Congregation’s initial response was perferct, nothing. The Damon did not like their response and got some “Amens” from a few non-thinkers when we left the context of Acts 12:1 and forced his meaning of “SOME STRUGGLES WITH FINANCE(09:47)”!??

The whole of Acts 12:1-2 about Herod PHYSICALLY PERSECUTING The Church,i.e., KILLING THEM OFF! Here are some Key Words English first, original greek second, meaning last:

  • LAID HANDS, ἐπέβαλεν-TO SEIZE/ARREST, χεῖρας-USE HANDS, κακῶσαί-TO INJURE(acts 12:1)

This is what disturbs me about Bethany’s prophets. They constantly claim they Holy Spirit shows them these Word-Studies, yet their conclusion blatantly contradicts the text. These prophets even get insulted by the Congregations initial response and then tries to invoke their emotions.


Joel Praises The god of easter??!! Monday, Apr 13 2009 

Peace Be Upon You In The Name of Christ, Our Passover Lamb(1Cor.5:7-8)


       In Joel’s latest blog, Wonder of Easter(April 11, 2009),  The self proclaimed prophet Joel states, “My prophetic prayer and challenge tonight is that the God of Easter (who created the bunny but resembles a lion!) would be seen by the eyes of your heart.”.


Easton's Bible Dictionary- "originally a Saxon word (Eostre), denoting a goddess of the Saxons, in honour of whom sacrifices were offered about the time of the Passover. Hence the name came to be given to the festival of the Resurrection of Christ, which occured at the time of the Passover. In the early English versions this word was frequently used as the translation of the Greek pascha (the Passover). When the Authorized Version (1611) was formed, the word "passover" was used in all passages in which this word pascha occurred, except in Act 12:4. In the Revised Version the proper word, "passover," is always used.

Easton's Bible Dictionary- "originally a Saxon word (Eostre), denoting a goddess of the Saxons, in honour of whom sacrifices were offered about the time of the Passover. Hence the name came to be given to the festival of the Resurrection of Christ, which occured at the time of the Passover. In the early English versions this word was frequently used as the translation of the Greek pascha (the Passover). When the Authorized Version (1611) was formed, the word "passover" was used in all passages in which this word pascha occurred, except in Act 12:4. In the Revised Version the proper word, "passover," is always used.


     As we search the Holy Scriptures, we can not find Joel’s “god of easter”. The only God we find is the GOD of PASSOVER/UNLEAVEN BREAD.  I searched for a unbiased article and came across one from The Island of Jamaica, click here. I encourage any believer who is serious about their bible studies research the history of  the church’s fight NOT TO REPLACE  Passover with Rome’s easter feast. The author of the Jamaican Glean rightly notes:


Today, millions of Christians around the world celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ during this season of Easter. But perhaps most don’t realise that it was not until the fourth century that Easter was uniformly observed by Christians.



The GOD who created rabbits did not wish us to replace his Holy Day with a holiday. He did not instruct us to replace the Passover Lamb with an Easter Ham. Brothers and sisters challenge authority that replaces the commandments of GOD with the Traditions of men.



Joel The Perfect Prophet or Profit? Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 

Peace Be Upon You In The Name of Christ Jesus,


Well,  it’s obvious that Joel Stockstill has regained his authority after a failed coup d’etat by supporters of President Barack Obama.  This remnant was successfully divided and conquered; they either fled Bethany(House of Poverty/Misery) or  begged for the forgiveness of the Stockstills.


NOW THAT JOEL has regained his power, he restored himself as head teacher and “hearing from the LORD” again. As we know from the death of Amy Stockstill, his wife,  Joel’s prophecy has a 50/50 chance of becoming true. Unfortunately, a man of God who claims to hear God’s voice and exhorts the congregation to obey him HAS TO BE 100 PERCENT CORRECT. This is not a guessing game like the con-artists who sit in front of crystal balls or those televangelists on T.B.N.


 Joel even “sounds the trumpet” on his website that he is a “PROPHETIC VOICE TO THIS GENERATION“. Check out the graphic in the upper right hand corner of his blog, talking about vain. These self proclaimed half-right prophets are an embarassment to the Church.





 However, he’s no different than his father who prophecies about seeing  GOD opening a temporary “WINDOW OF OPPURTUNITY FOR REPENTANCE”. for the Churches. What Larry Stockstill fails to realise it’s not the Churches of America, IT’S HIS DENOMINATION(Neo-Charismatic/Charismatic)!! Ihighly recommend you PROTECT YOUR FAMILY from these Charismatic Cults. Don’t get defensive, check out the references from these Pastors who have been sounding the alarm about the Charismatics before Larry Stockstill’s “dream”  for repentance.




   ORIGINAL LINK HERE TO “SIGNS AND WONDER CAMP“. As you can see “The Remnant” cry is nothing new, just like I showed with Larry’s 20/20 Vision program the Charismatic Denomination just passes on their money making scams to the next preacher. Joel is the second profile in the article.

 If the  Senior Pastor of Bethany has been wrong with it’s messages and prophecies, WHY SHOULD I NOW BELIEVE YOU ARE RECEIVING A MESSAGE FROM GOD??!!  Larry Stockstill is just like his son, A FALSE PROPHET!! He admits to the church being the problem and need for repentance but NEVER GAVE THIS GRACE TO TED HAGGARD but banished him. Yet, when Larry’s the problem he calls for everyone to gather around him and believe his prophecies/dreams. FALSE PROPHETS HAVE ARRIVED!!  It was in plain site. They waited until they got many people to become members and then proclaim themselves Prophets, LOL. Y’all slick!! And just in time for his book, The Remnant. If God is truly showing Larry Stockstill Judgment Day on America, WHY IS HE VACATIONING IN NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN GREECE??!! He claims Pastors are the problem because they’re carrying on as normal, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!! Get off vacation!


Joel’s statement is interesting because before stating what “The Lord says” he first let’s his congregation know that he’s turning thirty(30) on March 12, 2009. He correlates his age(30) with PERFECTION and snags proof-texts out the bible. Joel from his proof-texts goes on to call this Birth Day celebration a “…VERY SPIRITUAL MILESTONE”. 


The problem is found in his next statement which is the basis of both his and his father’s(Larry Stockstill’s) rule for dishonest bible study EVERYTIME  they open that Holy Book,i.e., “WITHOUT GOING INTO A LOT OF DETAIL, WE SEE THAT….”.  This is a huge problem with the Stockstills and a major violation for any exegete. You can make the Scriptures say anything you want, “WITHOUT GOING INTO A LOT OF DETAIL….”. The verses he yanks out of context are not didactic passages on the number thirty(30) as proof  this number is associated with perfection. In fact, in the Jewish context of Christ it’s the number seven that is associated with perfection!! I’ll save that study for the bottom but first let’s look at Joel’s supposed evidence that his turning 30 is perfection and/or a very spiritual milestone.


FALSE: Christ did not start his ministry “AT” age 30 but APPROXIMATELY/ABOUT age 30, it’s an estimate not an exact. Luke 3:23 is the closest evidence we have for guessing Christ’s age when He began his ministry. Here’s the verse:


      Καὶ1   Ἰησοῦς4   5   αὐτὸς2   ἀρχόμενος5       ἦν3   ὡσεὶ6   τριάκοντα8   ἐτῶν7
      Kai   Iēsous       autos   archomenos           ēn   hōsei   triakonta   etōn
      C   NNSM       PPNSM   VPNSMPD           VF3SIIA   T   MGPN   NGPN
      2532   2424       846   756           1510   5616   5144   2094
      ὢν9     υἱός10   ὡς11     ἐνομίζετο12     Ἰωσὴφ13   τοῦ14       Ἠλὶ15  
          ōn       huios   hōs       enomizeto       Iōsēph   tou           Ēli  
          VPNSMPA       NNSM   T       VF3SIID|VF3SIIP       NGSM   RGSM           NGSM  
          1510       5207   5613       3543       2501   3588           2242  
Schwandt, J., & Collins, C. J. (2006; 2006). The ESV English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament (Lk 3:23). Logos Research Systems, Inc.
I supplied an interlinear version to show you the greek text along with it’s English version. Please take notice TO THE DETAILS which Joel and his daddy love to leave out!! The greek word that “HOSEI” modifies “TRIAKONTA ETON(30YEARS). The original author is informing us that he is not sure of the EXACT AGE OF CHRIST but that Christ was “HOSEI(ABOUT)” 30.
The author of the Gospel of Luke uses this approximating again at LUKE 9:14-
  14   For   there   were   about   five   thousand   men.   And   he   said   to   his  
      γὰρ2     ἦσαν1   ὡσεὶ3     πεντακισχίλιοι5   ἄνδρες4   δὲ7     εἶπεν6   πρὸς8   αὐτοῦ11  
      gar       ēsan   hōsei       pentakischilioi   andres   de       eipen   pros   autou  
      T       VF3PIIA   T       MNPM   NNPM   C       VF3S2IA   EA   PPGSM  
      1063       1510   5616       4000   435   1161       3004   4314   846  
disciples,   “Have   them   sit   down   in   groups   of   about  
τοὺς9 μαθητὰς10   12   αὐτοὺς13   κατακλίνατε12       κλισίας14   17   ὡσεὶ15  
tous mathētas       autous   kataklinate           klisias       hōsei  
RAPMNAPM       PPAPM   VF2PAVA           NAPF       T  
35883101       846   2625           2828       5616  
fifty   each.”  
πεντήκοντα17   ἀνὰ16  
pentēkonta   ana  
4004   303  

Schwandt, J., & Collins, C. J. (2006; 2006). The ESV English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament (Lk 9:14). Logos Research Systems, Inc.



The original gospel’s author is approximating again. The author is not saying he was present during this feeding!! In fact we are not sure who the author of this Gospel is. The name Luke was placed on this gospel because a second century document called the MURATORIAN CANON did so. FURTHERMORE, the author approximates because he is NOT AN EYEWITNESS but rather went and “investigated(LUKE 1:3)” everything so that a person by the name of THEOPHILUS would know about what the actual EYEWITNESSES passed on to him. As a result, Luke gives numbers and dates as “about” and not exactly.

So for Joel we see how cults have successfully con the naive out of money (as Larry Stockstill did with 2Sam.24:24 calling it a Capital Campaign) and how THEY CLAIM TO BE PERFECT (though have a history of failed prophecies like Amy’s death). It’s because they leave out the details while inserting their LIES!!! Like Hank Hangergraaf at the Christian Research Institute says about Televangelists, “They use the skin of truth and stuff it full of lies!!”. See his articles at WWW.EQUIP.ORG

This is not a teaching passage on the number thrity. Joel you are abusing the Holy Scriptures to exhalt your minsitry to “perfection”. Luke is not intending to show the number 30 to be an exact number of perfection. This is merely a NARRATIVE that informs the reader “…WAS ABOUT THIRTY”. The context and the author betrays your suggestion about the number thirty.

As far as your equating David’s age at the time he became King of Judah, nothing in the immediate context suggests that perfection was involved. In fact, David was chosen and annointed at a much younger age, He slew Goliath at a younger age, so……?? In the mind of a Hebrew(which Christ came as and King David is) the number SEVEN is associated with perfection NOT THIRTY. As Easton’s Bible Dictionary  THAT THE  APPEARANCES OF THE NUMBER SEVEN  “…sufficiently prove the importance of this sacred number”.

If I used the eisegesis of The Stockstill’s, that would mean that since Christ was betrayed with 30 pieces of silver, it proves that Joel will further betray his congregation when he turns 30. That would be ridiculous just as Joel’s 30 of perfection is dubious.


Again, using Joel’s rules for bible study one would be allowed at teaching since Ezekiel(1:1) was exiled in the 30th. year it means that Joel’s congregation will finally exile him to Babylon.  If the age of 30 was that significant Joel shouldn’t have been a minister until age 30!!  According to his preaching about age 30, this means he’s been out of the will of God, jumping into ministry to early.

As the economy gets worse and the church becoming a laughing stock due to it’s leaders receiving gifts, watch how the leaders of 220 lavish their Prophet for his birthday. Which member of the congregation was ever granted such gifts as this?


  1. Official Kobe Bryant Jersey
  2. Courtside Tickets to Lakers vs. Spurs Game
  3. Roundtrip Plane Tickets to San Antonio
  4. The same for “Jonathan and Jared”
  5. A Brand New Fully Loaded Honda Four-Wheeler

    Wow, I remember driving through Baker, La. lastweek and was saddened at the poverty these Christians are forced to live in while their perfected prophet at 30 gets the royal treatment after abandoning them during Gustav for West Palm Beach!!!  Also, it’s amazing how absolutely Bethany didn’t honor any Civil Rights Leader during Black History Month but these folks lavished their deity(Joel) with gifts.



It shouldn’t suprise us, we see how Jordan Jopling lies for him. In my other article, Jordan Jopling, Liar, Liar, I showed how he clearly fabricated the reason for Joel having to vacation in West Palm Beach while everyone else was struggling during Gustav. Now Jordan Jopling takes the offensive instead of  reacting to possible negative comments. He has clearly learned from the past incidents at Bethany. Jordan rationalizes the material gifts that Joel received with the weak cause….


(What follows must be read with the understanding that Pastor Joel is a huge basketball, NBA, and Lakers fan:-).)


So I guess all of these “GIFTS”(as Prosperity Televangelists call them) are okay. Thanks Jordan, it was also good to see you standing there in agreement.  I can’t believe y’all actually put this on the W.W.W. much less video. I’m so glad GOD woke me up. This is exactly what went on. 

If you listened carefully, the M.C. introducing Joel’s perfect prophet at 30 B-Day Bash, informs the teens at the 36second mark THAT THEIR monies was redirect to Joel’s B-Day Bash. That’s actually a crime. Donations such as offerings & tithes are not to be used for personal enrichment. After hyping up the crowd the M.C. holding the microphone informs the teens:


“(starting at 36 second mark) WHAT YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW is that …

  1. Pastor Joel’s Birthday is next Thursday, March 12
  2. He turns 30 years old
  3. And he’s gonna watch the Lakers play in his jersey


Okay did anybody catch that last phrase about what they “DON’T KNOW”??!! Again, “YOU BOUGHT…”. LOL, boy they are slick. They pump the crowd up and slide in the purchase they didn’t know they spent their money on.

Law$ of Increa$e Friday, Dec 12 2008 

Peace to you in the name of The Holy One, Christ Jesus…

     It seems that the old greedy Larry Stockstill remains despite his deceitful attempt to repent from false doctrines and wierd practices. If you travel to Larry Stockstill’s television stations’s website WLFT, you will see the promotion of his profit making doctrine, The Laws of Increase. It really shocked me because even the corrupt televangelist who practiced deceitful capital campaigns (Joyce Meyer so far) are turning away from these scams. I guess when you start losing donations from a majority of your congregation, you have to go back to what works….SELLING HOPE!! Preying instead of Praying!! Endorsing Profits instead of Prophets!!




     The author violates every basic reading comprehension rule there is. He redefines almost every biblical definition of Bible words to fit his obvious coveting. It should appaul even the teenager in middle school how Larry Stockstill deceitfully  supports his pretext. Have the naive at Bethany finally discovered the greatest protest is boycott?!  My biggest concern about re-advertising this book is….




     He goes on to give a lesson on witnessing to unbelievers from Scripture.  A gross abuse of  the Gospel of Luke chapter-5. Larry Stockstill obviously has no conscience. He claims that this chapter shows us how to witness to unbelievers and he uses the catchphrase “GET INTO THEIR BOAT” (Pg. 10, Laws of Increase, Larry Stockstill, Xulon Press) . The phrase “GET INTO THEIR BOAT” according to Larry Stockstill means nothing more than “HEY, CAN I GET TO KNOW YOU?” and supports his eisegesis with Luke Chapter-5. Larry Stockstill states he encountered an unbeliever from another country and never informed that person he was a Christian or Pastor. Is this what Christ did in Luke’s narrative?  Let’s see without isolating verses to fit any pretext:


  1. After teaching in Syngagogue and healing the crowds. The Galileans didn’t want Yeshua to leave them but he responded that “I MUST PREACH GOOD NEWS TO OTHER TOWNS AS WELL….that’s MY PURPOSE(Luke 4:43)”.
  2. After seeing the empty boats(V.2) he got into the boat and SAT DOWN AND TAUGHT THE PEOPLE (V.3) which backs up His statement above, ‘ I MUST PREACH THE GOOD NEWS TO OTHER TOWNS(4:43)’.
  3. Christ’s miracle along with his words caused Peter to immediately repent(Luke 5:8)
  4. Peter immediately became a disciple (Luke 5:10)
  5. They left EVERYTHING and FOLLOWED him (Lk.5:11)


Now Larry Stockstill’s version of witnessing:

  1. I didn’t tell them I was a pastor(Pg.11)
  2. I didn’t witness to them with words(Pg.11)
  3. I just sat down in their boat with them (Pg.11)
  4. I simply sacrificed a bit of time to be with them, to get to know them(Pg.12)
  5. Just get into their boat(Pg.12)


     Is that all Christ did? He didn’t witness to them? He didn’t preach? He didn’t cause repentance? He didn’t win a disicple? He merely became friends with people? He simply “sacrificed” time to get to know them? NO, GOD FORBID! Yeshua preached the goodnews without precondition. Christ did not wait months or weeks to get to know people and then slipped in the Good News. 

     Second, Larry Stockstill is quite prideful to suggest his model of lifestyle is what we should follow. I knew the naive deified him as an idol BUT TO PRAISE YOURSELF IS AN ABOMINATION!! Larry you are NOT the example, Christ alone(Blessed Be He).

     Oh my goodness! He goes on to apply JOHN  12:24 and 2Sam.24:24 which he again violates basic biblical hermeneutics and states these as examples of sacrificing. Again, not the biblical definition of Sacrifice but his capital and friendship witnessing versions. We’ve aleady become aware of the true CONTEXT of 2Sam.24:24.

     However, I must give credit where it’s due. He does correctly state that some people give with the expectation of giving which is not godly. We should give because we have found this giving to contribute to an annointed purpose (charity, homelessness, etc.). HOWEVER, this totally contradicts his purpose of writing that very book. He states his purpose is to show us how to get “increase”. In the context of the book it’s obviously an increase in capital/goods. Anyone who has REALLY read a contract that sounded to good to be true can see the deception. Many ads on T.V. promise you the world (weightloss, huge muscles, ripped abs, financial prosperity, etc.). Yet, when you read the “SMALL PRINT” you realise their hidden disclosure(results not typical, these statement have not been evaluated by the F.D.A., people shown are paid actors). It’s the same with Larry Stockstill’s promises. He knows the results won’t happen and his disclosure is DON’T EXPECT TO GET ANYTHING IN RETURN but at the same time I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET INCREASE.

     The way Larry Stockstill goes back and forth out of context is very confusing. He uses the original author’s words but could care less of the original author’s definition(s) behind those words or their immediate context.  This is why it’s important to study the original languages and biblical hermeneutics.  Larry Stockstill is an expert at appealing to human greed. Everytime I read his steps on how to get “INCREASE” he reminds us, the readers, not to expect it or follow these steps simply to get increase. Why even produce this book then? Why state the reason is to show us how to obtain “increase” when we’re not to really follow his steps for increase?! Confusing….

I just had to stop because it was so hard to follow,i.e., NON-SEQUITOR!! He isolates so many verses and superimposes so many semantics on “SACRIFICE” the reader is left believing that the original authors sometimes used the hebrew/greek words for sacrifice to mean merely “spend time with people don’t preach the gospel” to “give over and beyond sacrifice your family’s needs”. We can see from his international trips, His kids graduating college, musical lessons, Joel’s West Palm Beach  shopping spree, that Larry Stockstill’s claim he doesn’t want your money is a “PHONEY TESTIMONY”. He merely wants us to be rich, LOL…OMGoodness…


It’s the skin of  truth STUFFED WITH LIES!!





Coveting, Stockstill, and 2Sam.24:24(Pt.2) Thursday, Nov 20 2008 

Blessings In The Name of Christ Who Calls Us To On Guard Against The Scams of The Greedy




     In part-1 of this series, I showed how Larry Stockstill follows the flawed hermeneutics of the greedy and corrupt televangelist he commonly quotes and associates with. He abused the Holy Scriptures of 2Sam. 24:24 as a prooftext to covet the monies of the biblical illiterate.

 Larry Stockstill claims the narrative of David is actually a teaching on Capital(money) Campaigns. However, when we follow context and the basic rules of reading comprehension, we discover that the only campaign Larry Stockstill is crusading for is a “Coveting-Campaign”. He himself boasts about having lived a good life.

     Larry Stockstill is not only guilty of misusing the Holy Scriptures to covet money but he and his family don’t even practice what they preach!!  They are just like the Big Bankers/C.E.O.’s who cry to everyone for bail out money while taking trips to NBA games and shopping sprees in West Palm Beach. The first suggestion in his coveting plan is:


1. Practice priority budgeting.

Many families choose to rearrange their priorities and give up something in their current budgets in order to give more to a capital campaign. Priority budgeting may mean postponing a planned expenditure for such things as a new car, vacation, home remodeling, or other major expenditure. Many Christians giving to capital stewardship campaigns find the means to give through sacrificial commitments made in faith and coupled with priority budgeting.



     Larry Stockstill further adds that he and his wife are totally committed in making these sacrifices with the congregation:


It’s going to take tremendous sacrifice and teamwork to achieve our 20/20 Vision. Melanie and I are prepared to make the greatest commitment to Bethany we have ever made. “


   Thus far we see Larry Stockstill calling on the naive to “…give up something in their budgets….” and redirect that money to his capital campaign which “…may mean postponing a planned expenditure for such things as a new car, vacation, home remodeling, or major expenditure”.

     First of all, I couldn’t ask any hard working member in this stress-burdened market to postpone a vacation!! This recreation is much needed for those work long hours and many days to put their kids through college, food on the table,  beat-up cars in tune, and clothes on their family. Larry Stockstill is blatanly speaking as one who is clueless about hard labor and obviously has had the benefit of coveting the income of the church.

     Second of all, Larry Stockstill lies to his naive members while they continue to make sacrifices. Larry claims he and Melanie will likewise give up and postpone things, e.g., a planned expenditures. Yet he himself doesn’t postpone or give up traveling. Imagine how much money he could have contributed instead of coveting from the members by giving up trips overseas. Last year (2007) he traveled to Germany AND Seoul, Korea as was noted on his website It’s very interesting that like his son Joel Stockstill, he has deleted posts which make such admissions. Remember his son Joel’s deletion of his Anti-Obama posts?

     Larry Stockstill has deleted all posts of his previous travels which were contradicting his preaching for his members to postpone and give vacations during the capital campaing until 2020. However, 2008 is no exception, he states:



       The most blatant splap-in-the-face to those who deify the Stockstills and naively give over-and-beyond during Larry’s Captital Campaign should be Joel’s statement in his blog posted on Sept. 05, 2008 titled “Wild Week!”



Boy, has this been crazy week! As many of you know, this week began with the worst hurricane in recent BR history. Hurricane Gustov (i think is how you spell it) came slamming into our lives on Monday Sept. 1. Of course, much to my dismay, we lost power around noon on Monday and stayed out till Fri. night where I live. I was corralled up at my parents house and things were hot and sticky. Nothing worse than no ac!
On Wed. I caught a flight to West Palm Beach and have had a great time here in the air conditioning and going shopping. Today I had the opportunity to hang out with my good friends Jonathan and Christina Miller, who came down from Orlando. We preceded to hit every mall in the area and do some major damage of our own! Amy would be proud of me how I shopped it up today. I thought of her much as I traveled the many stores and malls that she loves so much and made me sit and wait for hours. No one could shop like that girl!
I can tell you all this, and I think I speak for all in the Gulf Coast area, Hurricane season go away and never come back another day! It won’t disappoint me if I never have another week like this one.


     That is just amazing!!! He rightly understands that Hurrican Gustav was the “…worst hurricane in recent BR history”.

  1. Did Joel Stockstill make a sacrifice and postpone his vacationing after such a tragic storm with the congregation?
  2. Did Joel Stockstill make a sacrifice and postpone shopping  West Palm Beach shopping spree”?
  3. Did Joel Stockstill make a sacrifice and used his extra time to asssist those in need during Hurricane Gustav’s aftermath?
  4. Did Joel Stockstill make a sacrifice and “rearrange his priorities” (shopping spree, hotel stay, rountrip airfare)?
  5. Did Larry Stockstill forbid Joel Stockstill from “shopping it up” and vacationing in West Palm Beach?
  6. Did Larry Stockstill’s family choose to give up something during this “worst hurricane….”?
  7. When forced to give up A.C. did Joel make the sacrifice and ride it out till the end with the congregation?
  8. When the 220 leaders coerced the kids to contribute to Joel’s B-Day gifts  “rearranging or giving up” something during this campaign?
  9. What does a fully loaded Honda Four Wheeler help Bethany’s capital campaign, 20/20 Vision?
  10. How does roundtrip airfare to San Antonio and courtside tickets for the Stockstill boys strenghten their father’s plea for the congregation to give “OVER AND BEYOND”?


      At a time The members of Bethany needed Joel Stockstill the most he abandoned them  for one of the wealthiest and most expesive cities in the United States, i.e., West Palm Beach! Upon arriving at West Palm Beach Joel Stockstill goes on to brag about how  “I SHOPPED IT UP TODAY” and how during this capital campaign when Amy was alive and others were sacrificing he admits “NO ONE COULD SHOP LIKE THAT GIRL!” and strenghthens that statement with how she “…MADE ME SIT FOR HOURS.”.

     Yet the gullible continue to make sacrifices and give over and beyond while the Stockstill’s travel and shop!! The gullibe continue to postpone while the Stockstill’s update their websites AND blogs!! In comparing the poor who continue to give over and beyond with the fine living of the Stockstill’s my heart aches!!


Look at the comments naive made to this entry:

  1. Robin Savoy says “There is no better medicine than shopping!”.
  2. Brad Barker says, “Well I hope you shopped til you dropped Pastor Joel…Good to hear from you I was worried!”
  3. Brock Beesely says, “a man after my own heart.”.
  4. Mark and Connie Williams says, “Indeed, Pastor Joel, nothin like a lil shoppin to sooth the soul LOL!”.


As recent as Nov.14, 2008(See blog entry, Dr. Oral Roberts) he traveled to San Diego for a “preaching engagement”. Surely this was another trip that could have been postponed?! Or the author of the capital campaign Larry Stockstill when he brags about “traveling the world”.


 Larry Stockstill and his children are no different than the big Bankers/C.E.O.’s who cry for bail-out money and continue to lavish themselves with trips to NBA games and countless trips across America. The Stockstills have definitely lived the good life during their cry for bail out money, yet like the big bankers, don’t practice what they preach.

May God continue to visit misery/sickness on Bethany (House of Misery/Poverty).

Coveting, Stockstill, and 2Sam.24:24 Tuesday, May 6 2008 



See my earlier post entitled LARRY STOCKSTILL’S “PROOF TEXTING fallacy before reading this post and consult academic works concerning this method of dishonesty. I won’t go into the details of biblical interpretation/hermeneutics. Why? Because YOU the Christian should take the iniative to research and sharpen your reading skills and how to accurately handle God’s Word.




     Let’s move on…. Larry Stockstill is quoted in his 20/20 Brochure under the first section entitled “Over and Above” Giving:


Capital stewardship campaigns rely on church members making gifts “over and above” their current levels of giving. The best path to increased giving is the spiritual path, where you set your heart on things above. Financial priorities then take shape from spiritual priorities.

One phrase for defining this kind of giving is lifestyle stewardship, a term used to describe a level of giving that affects one’s living. The challenge of lifestyle stewardship is to find ways, boldly and prayerfully, to let your giving touch your living!

King David declared, “I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing” (2 Sam. 24:24 niv). David understood that the gift that touches the heart of God must first touch the heart of the giver. This is the spirit of lifestyle stewardship: If your gift is for your God, then it must have value and meaning to you.”


     As you can see, Larry Stockstill starts off introducing his “Capital stewardship campaign” with giving more than you’re currently giving. He rightly defines “Capital” with “Financial“.  The command to “LET YOUR GIVING TOUCH YOUR LIVING!” is very popular within the Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel Movements. On the larger level(Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Eddiel Long, Fred Price) Televangelist will use their own words and programs. On the smaller level(Larry Stockstill), the words merely get copied and pasted onto different websites (with pictures of families hugging, smiling), here are a few examples that should sound familiar(click on the links and read their plagiarism:

     As you can see the words are the same, Larry Stockstill simply put a new label on it and called it his “20/20 Vision”. That makes him a plagiarist! The dishonesty begins when he isolates The Holy Scripture from it’s context! He singles out 2Sam.24:24 from it’s whole and uses David’s act of atoning for his grave sin with “This is the spirit of lifestyle stewardship“.


     Yet let’s look at the whole context and see what the original author was recording. Did the original biblical author intend for all believers to give “over and beyond” during capital campaigns OR did the original author simply record how David atoned for sin?


     This incident concerning David’s burnt offering occurs directly after his warring with the Philistines.  Also, the occasion is recorded not just in 2Sam. Chapter 24 but also in 1Chron. Chapter 21. Here’s the breakdown:


  1. David became prideful and wanted to count the remant of his army(2Sam.24:2) which was instigated by Satan(1Chron.21:1)
  2. David’s General Joab attempt to dissuade David from this SIN (1Chron.21:3; 2Sam.24:3) but “…the King’s word prevailed over Joab and against the commanders of the army(2Sam.24:4)
  3. This SIN was so abhorrent to Joab that he “…did not number Levi and Benjamin(NASB)….”.
  4. God became angry with David’s SIN(1Chron.21:7)
  5. David’s heart immediately convicts him of this SIN and causes him to verbally REPENT (2Sam.24:10; 1Chron. 21:8)
  6. God gives David (3) choices of PUNISHMENT (1Chron.21:9-13; 2Sam.24:11-14)
  7. David chose “…three days of the SWORD of the LORD, even PESTILENCE in the land, and the angel of the LORD DESTROYING throughout all the territory of Israel(NASB).”(1Chron.21:14; 2Sam.24:15)
  8. David cries out and intercedes on his army’s behalf, “Behold it is I who have SINNED, and it is I who have DONE WRONG; but these sheep, what have they done?(NASB; 2Sam.24:17; 1Chron. 21:17)
  9. David verbally REPENTED and INTERCEDED. He also showed OUTWARD REPENTANCE by him and The Elders covering themselves “…with SACKCLOTH…FELL ON THEIR FACES”(1Chron.21:19).
  10. God sent the Prophet Gad again to instruct David to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings and to build an altar to The LORD(2Sam.24:18:-21; 1Chron.21:18-22)
  11. WHY, TWO REASONS: A.) “…that the plague may be restrained from the people.(NASB; 1Chron.21:22; 2Sam.24:21). B.) David was “TERRIFIED” to go to Gibeon to sacrifice where “…THE TABERNACLE OF THE LORD” and the “ALTAR OF BURNT OFFERING”  was located, i.e., The established place to offer atonement/sacrifces/ burnt offernings.
  12. We all know that the WAGES of SIN is DEATH(Rom.6:23) and the cost of atoning for sin ONCE AND FOR ALL was the crucifixion of Christ! Indeed how strong is David’s statement, “…I will not offer burnt offerings to The LORD my God which costs me nothing(NASB; 1Chron. 21:24;2Sam.24:24)”.
  13. ***MOST IMPORTANT*** “Thus The LORD was MOVED BY PRAYER for the land, and the plague was held back from Israel(V.25)”.


     So, by looking at the whole story we see that David understood the graveness of his SIN and REPENTED and INTERCEDED for the land by offering burnt offerings on Araunah’s Threshing floor because David was too TERRIFIED to travel to The LORD’S House in Gibeon due to THE SWORD of the angel of The LORD(1Chron. 21:30).

     Larry Stockstill should recognize that he too commits the sin of David, i.e., constantly counting his people with pride.  The numbers are constantly being counted and reported from his G-12 programs to his own chain of churches in the greater Baton Rouge area.

     Next, we will exa.mine each of his directives in the 20/20 Vision program. You will be appalled that the basis for these requests is the EISEGESIS of 2Sam. 24:24. Directives such as the following:


  1. Stressed out? who cares get a “…PART TIME JOB….”
  2. Stressed out, who cares postpone your “VACATION
  3. Continue the burden of payments equal to a college education
  4. Hand over heirlooms
  5. A savings account worth “$80,000. “, hand it over!!

     All of this from 2Sam.24:24?! Imagine how stressful it is to finally put your child through college and now have to continue! How stressful it is to work one job and yet have to get another job! To use deceit in bible verses to COVET  is a sin!


     Notice what Paul told the Ephesian ELDERS/OVERSEERS on how not to COVET your congregations belongings in Acts 20:17-35:

33 “I have coveted no one’s silver or gold or clothes. 34 “You yourselves know that these hands ministered to my own needs and to the men who were with me. 35 “In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, `It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ “


     You often hear Televangelist quote this to their congregations, yet we see by reading THE WHOLE CONTEXT that this statement applies to the “OVERSEERS/ELDERS” of the church. It’s interesting to note that the word for WEAK in verse-35 is the Greek#770 (ASTHENEO) is actually a verb and not an adjective. It means something that is becoming weakened.  Depending on the context it could mean a person becoming weak by disease (Acts 9:37; 19:12) or  as in Acts 20:17-35 those who are financially weakened by wolves who are devouring their monies. Strong’s Complete Word Study Concordance defines ASTHENEO as :


“…to be feeble in any sense; either by disease, oppression.”



Larry Stockstill’s Prooftexting Fallacy Tuesday, May 6 2008 


     One of the tools Prosperity Televangelist abuse to covet believers valuables is Scripture itself.   They will constantly use the “proof text” method when interpreting Scripture.  For example,  televangelist will start with their own desires and then seek verses that appear to support their authority. A believer should instead research what Scripture says about a particular topic and adjust their lives to its authority and not force Scripture to submit to our authority. An decent method of interpreting Scripture is the Inductive Bible Study method. This method seeks to understand the biblical author’s instended meaning versus a preconceived plan to justify a desire. There are several good books in the Christian academic field.  Please do not skip this section as I want you to sharpen your skills and become a Christian reader with integrity and not follow eisegesis of these televangelists.


     The first  quote is from Grant R. Osborne’s(Ph.D, Univ. of Aberdeen) Hermeneutical Spiral(Pg.19, Chapter-1, Context):


“The first stage in serious bible study is to consider the larger context within which a passage is found. Unless we can grasp the whole before attempting to dissect the parts, interpretation is doomed from the start. Statements simply have no meaning apart from their context. If I say, ‘Give it all you got,’ you would rightly query, ‘What do you mean by IT?’ and ‘How do I rightly do so?’ Without a situation to give the command content, it becomes meaningless. In Scripture the context provides the situation behind the text”.


     The second quote is from Kay Arthur’s “How To Study Your Bible:


“(Pg.61, The Search for meaning) When you know God’s Word thoroughly, you will not accept a teaching simply because someone has used one or two isolated verses to support that teaching.”

“(Pg.64) When we ascribe meaning to a passage that the author did not intend, then we are assuming an authority equivalent to that of the author. And the author of all Scripture is really God”.


     In other words, if we remove or ignore certain verses while reading Scripture that do not favor our preconceived ideas, we have corrupted the Word of God.  As a result, the Christian will hear many interpretations over one verse. Why? because the whole was ignore!


     Now read the article on how Larry Stockstill employs the “proof texting” fallacy to engage his capital campaign or more properly his “20/20 Vision” plan. If you scroll to the bottom you will see “MAKING AN OVER AND ABOVE GIFT TO GOD” brochure link.   See the next article on Larry’s use of 2Sam. 24:24