Bethany’s False Prophet Damon(from Greek DEMON)Thompson Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 

Well, I decided to give in to requests on a new posts and stopped by to see if things are truly turning for the worse as readers claim. Lo’ and behold it’s true. Bethany has brought in a tattooed littered “prophet” Damon[FROM DEMON IN BIBLICAL GREEK] Thompson to prophesy to their congregation and get them in line.  Any student of Biblical Greek will immediately recognize DAMON is a various of biblical greek which means DEMON!! Many baby-books try to clean it up to mean faithful but leave off the part of Faithful-DEMON. This DAMON does everything from humiliate the interns to admit he doesn’t get much Words From The Lord concerning the coming year. These should be red flags to the discerning christian. How can a prophet admit to rarely receiving prophesies?!

00.53 MARK-“God gave me a vision coming into this year and that doesn’t…that very rarely happens for me."

The tattooed littered prophet WAS a member of The Ramp Ministries for approximately 10-years. He made several disturbing statements concerning teen homosexuality. After making these crazy prophecies, the ministry split ways with him claiming The Holy Spirit was leading him in another direction. One claim was that gay-teen suicides were not from bullying but from the “demonic force of homosexuality.” He says:

00:32 mark. I was flipping through the channels and watching a program you know what the program was about? It was about bullying! You heard this? Kids are killing themselves because they’re being bullied but what they’re not saying is the kid is not just miserable because he’s being bullied, he’s misrerable because HE’S GAY!! Cause there’s a lot of people that are bullied that never killed themselves! But the boy already hated himself BECAUSE HE WAS DEALING WITH THE DEMONIC FORCE OF HOMOSEXUALITY!!! I know y’all aint gonna help me with this. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO BOW DOWN TO THE CULTURE!!  BEING GAY IS NOT NORMAL!!

Here we have the skin of the truth being stuffed with a lie. Yes, I agree homosexuality is not “normal”. However, this prophet in his violent rhetoric gives full  pardon to those bullying gay teens by claiming it’s the victim who is demon possessed which hated himself to death not bullies. This is should be an embarassment to the Christian Church. Thankfully we have Christian Apololgist Hank Hanegraaf who notes that bullies are causing gay-teens to kill themselves. He adds that it’s not due to “christians” but “bullies”. After hearing Bethany’s prophet screaming and yelling, his disclaimer is hard to believe.

Anyway, back to “prophet”Damon Thompson who was given a platform at Just a quick list(not exhaustive list) of additional red flags from his mouth in their video here:

  • 01.25 mark -“The Holy Spirit gave me a vision on December 28th. I was driving…showed me 12 gates that would open in 2012….a state of Revival in Louisiana!” Here we go again, every year Bethany’s god is proclaiming this is the year of revival.  Can your prophets come up with something new in first calendar month?!
  • “01:52 Bethany is the hub for awakening America?!”. OMG, it’s the same recycled claims of Joel Stockstill and every other prophet they endorse. It definitely gives Bethany’s congregation a sense of hope. But don’t they get tired of hearing the same empty claims every first quarter of every year?!

  • “03:52 I don’t have that many friends. So the friends that I have are real good friends. I’m kinda like when uh Ike Clanton asked Doc Holiday in the shootout out in Tombstone. Y’all…y’all…Y’ALL NOT THAT SPIRITUAL ARE YA(emphasis mine)?!”. WoW, here is a so-called prophet of God, using a Rated-R movie to explain friendship to God’s Church and ask “Y’all not that spiritual are ya?!”.  I can understand a newbie using a Rated-R movie to explain friendship but not a so-called prophet of over 10-years!!

  • 05:40 “And I think Nick Saban’s name is in the Bible Code somewhere in Revlelations, it’s actually Satan. They just change they just changed the letter. I don’t know if that’s true. That’s just what I’m throwing out there. I don’t know….I don’t know… pray about it, see what you feel.”. WoW, a prophet of God calling  fellow Christian Satan because he HATES Alabama State?! Damon Thompson’s character of a biblical prophet gets farther from Scripture, he’s more of a comedian to the world.

  • “05:52. Bethany’s prophet goes on to give a revelation by The Holy Spirit concering Acts 12. He forces  a meaning onto The Book of Acts that is not there. This called Eisegesis, Allegory, and Scripture twisting. This has nothing to do with HIS 12 Gates Theory.

  • 09:13. This Damon[Demon] goes on to do the worse Word-Study I’ve ever seen. His focus is the word “harass, Acts 12:1”. He claims this biblical word, based on the KJV/NKJV, “I don’t know if I could find a GREATER TRANSLATION of what the people that I’m most closely connected to went through in 2011. I guess not here.”. PROBLEM: If the Holy Spirit is giving a revelation to a prophet surely the Word-Study would NOT BE BASED ON ENGLISH and instead the Biblical Greek found in the MSS,  κακῶσαί(KAKOSAI). The Congregations initial responses(nothing) was the right response. They know this text can’t be applied to them. They did not receive physical abuse from the government. This does not stop the Damon’s twisting of KAKOSAI.


DAMON is from greek for DEMON. It's an english variation of DAIMON. It's used in Biblical Greek to describe those possessed by devils and speak in The Devil's authority.


 The Damon claims the Holy Spirit showed him the following semantics based on prooftexting Acts 12:1′ KAKOSAI:

  1. Harassment last year(09:38)
  2. Some uncommon conflict last year(09:40)
  3. Some struggles within relationships(09:43)
  4. Some struggles with health(09:45).
  5. Some struggles within FINANCE(09:47)
  6. I saw people that I walked with, that I knew had a significant walk with The Lord begin to deal with some challenges last year BECAUSE 11 IS THE NUMBER OF TRANSITION and transition is challenging, transition is uncomfortable, transition is laborious(09:48)

WoW, absolutely a mishandling of God’s Word by this Damon! Again, The Congregation’s initial response was perferct, nothing. The Damon did not like their response and got some “Amens” from a few non-thinkers when we left the context of Acts 12:1 and forced his meaning of “SOME STRUGGLES WITH FINANCE(09:47)”!??

The whole of Acts 12:1-2 about Herod PHYSICALLY PERSECUTING The Church,i.e., KILLING THEM OFF! Here are some Key Words English first, original greek second, meaning last:

  • LAID HANDS, ἐπέβαλεν-TO SEIZE/ARREST, χεῖρας-USE HANDS, κακῶσαί-TO INJURE(acts 12:1)

This is what disturbs me about Bethany’s prophets. They constantly claim they Holy Spirit shows them these Word-Studies, yet their conclusion blatantly contradicts the text. These prophets even get insulted by the Congregations initial response and then tries to invoke their emotions.


Joel Stockstill, Persecuted Prophet??!! Tuesday, Jun 2 2009 

Peace And Grace Be Upon The Assembly of God Who Have Been Blessed With The Gift of Discernment



     First, a little history of those unaware. Joel Stockstill has a history of failed prophecies, in particular, he prophesied that Christ was going to heal his wife from her disease on the foundation of poor hermeneutics; See Here. The Biblical Prophets were very different from False Prophets by the fulfillment of their prophecies. Joel’s history is hit and miss; He misses on the details but when he speaks like a French Quarter Palm Reader with vagueness, he’s able to coerce his prophecies into a hit.


Second, he proclaimed Gov. Sarah Palin as an annointed princess versus President Obama. He campaigned for her via his website with article praising her Christianity and family as annointed. He along with the other false Televangelist/Prophet Kim Clement claimed Sarah Palin would “shake things up” during the election process. This is where he “hits” because the prophecy is so vague, it can be fulfilled no matter what. Wouldn’t a African American Christian President being elected considered to be “shaking things up” rather than a dense barbie like Palin whose daughter is pregnant unwed teen?


However,  his campaigning (or as Joel dressed it up) “Prophecy” about Sarah Palin caused a split in his predominately black congregation.  Joel, with the help of other managers, were able to divide and conquer this protest.  However, some continue to attend the church yet remain against Joel Stockstill and surely let him know it. These blacks only attend because of their loyalty to their Cell-Leader and friends.  Yet, this remnant continues to speak their minds and JOEL KNOWS IT!!



Joel Stockstill, Persecuted Prophet or Cry Baby?

Joel Stockstill, Persecuted Prophet or Cry Baby?


As a result,  Joel seeks more pity and dresses himself up like a “PERSECUTED PROPHET”. He uses a lone verse from Hosea(9:8) which states:


The Prophet, along with my God, is the watchman over Ephraim, yet snares await him in all his paths and hostility in the house of his God(V.8)


Joel obviously justifying his campaigning for Sarah Palin and the disturbance it caused, now claims to have “…snares await him in all his paiths and hostility in the house of his God(Hos.9:8)”.


The problem with Joel’s eisegesis is that Joel Stockstill IS NOT A BIBLICAL PROPHET no matter how many times he blogs about his claim AND Larry Stockstill IS NOT A BIBLICAL PROPHET despite him claiming to see visions of JUDGEMENT DAY approaching(this comes conviently in time for his latest book, The Remnant). Both so-called prophets have a history of failed prophecies. YOU CAN’T BE RIGHT SOME OF THE TIME YOU HAVE TO PROPHETICALLY CORRECT ALL THE TIME. I’m still awaiting an answer to my “Serious Question About The Stockstill’s Claim To Be Biblical Prophets“. Their propecies always comes in sync with either a book deal, conference, or members they can’t control.


Joel, having a double standard against Pres. Obama and being held accountable for it, doesn’t make you a Persecuted Prophet, it makes you a hypocrite and racist. One standard for whites and another for blacks. You still fail to speak about the lack of morality in the Palin houselhold with Bristol Palin’s out wedlock birth, yet you expose the splinters in Pres. Obama’s eyes.


You’re claim to be a Prosecuted Prophet is pathetic, God will continue to visit his judgements on your house and save the true victims.