Peace And Grace To You In The Name of Christ Jesus, Our Passover Lamb 

We’ve all seen Pastor Larry Stockstill’s constant call for integrity in the House of God and their actions contradicting. The latest you’ll see is Bethany World Prayer Center’s man made Pagan Feasts celebrations instead of God’s Holy Days.  The first and most obvious is replacing God’s Holy Day with the Roman Catholic Holiday that includes Pagan Rituals.


easter idol


Now, you ask most Christians about African Paganism(Voodoo, Hoodoo, Witch Craft) and they’ll without hesitation tell you it’s wrong and unbliblical. However, when it comes to European Paganism, that double standard that appeared during the Presidential election comes back.  Pastors will tell you it’s okay to mix European Paganism with Christianity,e.g., Feast of Easter.


The name Easter was applied by the Roman Catholic Church onto  God’s Holy Festival of Passover. It’s amazing to see Pastors correct the Roman Catholic Church and its Pope, yet they observe the Catholic’s Holy Days(Easter Mass, Sunday Mass, Mardi Gras, Lent, Christ-Mass/Christmas, Good Friday). Let’s start with the Bible and move towards today to see how the Tradition of The Elders has abolished God’s Holy Days.


The Prophet Daniel gave us the agenda and Characteristics of the ANTI-CHRIST/FALSE CHRIST. The one characteristic that pertains to this article is located at Dan.7:25:

  1. He will speak words against the Most High
  2. He will harass the Holy Ones of the Most High
  3. He will try to change their Holy Festivals AND LAWS

Number-3 is what the Roman Catholic Church has done and what many churches follow,i.e., the changing of God’s set Holy Days and Laws. The first time we encountered Larry Stockstill’s authority was at your ENCOUNTER RETREAT. Remember, he isolated you from family/friends and all forms of communication with the outside? His cell leaders had everyone take on the oath to follow God’s Laws and you said amen to receive a curse if you change ANY OF THEM. Well, you wholeheartedly change the Sabbath Day to the pagan Sun’Day AND NOW Passover to the pagan feast of EASTER. Oh Bethany(House of Misery) you rightly deserve the curses. Larry Stockstill, you’re playing God and leading others astray and not back to simplicity and sincerity. THIS IS WHY CHRIST INFORMED US HE DID NOT COME TO ABOLISH HIS FATHER’S LAW AND CALLED FOR THE DEMOTION OF ANYONE WHO DID(Mt. 5:17-19).


The meal that Christ ate before the leaders of God’s people falsely accused him unto crucifixion was A PASSOVER MEAL.  If we are Christians(imitators of Christ) why do we not have these concerns:


  1. Where will you have us to eat the Passover?(Mt.26:17)
  2. I will keep the Passover AT YOUR HOUSE with MY DISCIPLES(Mt.26:18)
  3. The DISCIPLES DID AS JESUS DIRECTED, They prepared the Passover(Mt.26:19)
  4. I EARNESTLY DESIRE to eat this Passover WITH YOU(Luke 22:15)




Instead the leaders of our time have joined themselves with man made Holidays which they have mixed with God’s Holy Days.  We have not abolished Passover but we have “changed God’s times(Dan.7:25) to Sun-Day. In the First Council of Nicea(325ad) Emperor Constantine agreed that Passover should no longer be celebrated as the disciples and Christ practiced it but that it should change to Easter. Constantine sent out a letter to “…EVERY NATION UNDER HEAVEN” to obey it. Below are some excerpts from THE SYNODAL LETTER located


We further proclaim to you the good news of the agreement
concerning the holy Easter, that this particular also has through your
prayers been rightly settled; so that all our brethren in the East who
formerly followed the custom of the Jews are henceforth to celebrate
the said most sacred feast of Easter AT THE SAME TIME WITH THE ROMANS
and yourselves and all those who have observed Easter from the
beginning.(The whole issue at the bottom of this letter preserved by Jesuit University of New York)


I encourage you to research the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Christianity. All scholars/historians, both christian and secular, will inform you that the Roman Emperor never truly converted to Christianity, he loved the idea of worshipping on Sun-Day because this is what he was doing before coming to Christ. HE WAS AN IDOL WORSHIPPER who set your Holy Days.


Paul wrote to the Corinthian Congregation about how they celebrated their Passover Feast with Sexual Sin. The Corinthian Church thought this was one big party like their former Idol Feasts were. After correcting them and instructing them to remove the LEAVEN from their lives HE INSTRUCTS THEM TO CELEBRATE PASSOVER!!


1Cor. 5:7-8 For Christ OUR PASSOVER LAMB has been sacrificed.  Therefore, LET US CELEBRATE THE FEASTIVAL….


Please read the whole context of 1Cor. 5:1-9. Paul instructs the Corinthians to first remove the leaven from their Congregation and celebrate because Our Passover Lamb has been sacrificed. These words mirror the times when Passover was celebrated by the great men of Faith. Cross reference Paul’s letter with Ex.12:21, Ex.13:7, Dt. 16:3,. This is why the Book of Revelation is filled with visions of Christ as a Lamb. Easter and rabbits have nothing to do with Christianity. Easter is leaven mixed into God’s Passover Feasts.  Christ instructs his disciples to “do this in remembrance of me(Lk.22:26). This was not the idol Easter’s Day or the Roman Sun-Day, it was God’s Passover.


Ask a Christian why he celebrates Easter instead of Christ’s Passover and he’ll tell you to remember Christ’s ressurection. Christ instructed to remember HIS DEATH NOT HIS RESURRECTION.  The feast of Easter messes God’s Holy Days all up! Christ and Paul state we remember Christ’s Death not ressurection. Paul told the congregation since OUR PASSOVER LAMB WAS SACRIFICED not ressurected. Paul also states(1Cor.11:25-27), “You proclaim the Lord’s Death Till he comes”.


Since The Romans changed God’s times and laws. This Passover meal was relabled “the Lord’s Supper” and placed on Sunday usually the first Sun-Day of every month.  Surely, if Bethany seeks to be a role model REMNANT, they’ll abandon The Roman Catholic Pagan Feasts for God’s appointed times.


For more research on the Passover Vs. Easter controversy with Rome:










To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. (Eccl. 3:1).