Tell One Lie, You’ll Have To Tell Another To Cover Up The First Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 



 I think we’ve all received the advice that “If you tell one lie, you’ll have to tell another to defend your first”. This is why the researchers that assist  Ovadyah’s blog provide references for EVERY CLAIM, unlike the Bethany defendants who provide baseless opinions.
Tell One Lie And You'll Have To Tell Another To Cover Up The First. Bethany's Prophets (Lawrence Dean Stockstill and Joel Stockstill) Need To Simply Repent And Let's Move On

Tell One Lie And You'll Have To Tell Another To Cover Up The First. Bethany's Prophets (Lawrence Dean Stockstill and Joel Stockstill) Need To Simply Repent And Move On. Now that Two Contradicting Reasons For Bethany's Prophet Joel Stockstill's Travel To West Palm Beach Will Do Nothing But Create An Upcoming Third Lie. The Medical Center Will Inform Anyone Who Calls That They Turned Away NOBODY!! AND WAS UP AND RUNNING IMMEDIATELY AFTER GUSTAV.


 The reasons for Joel Stockstill’s traveling to West Palm Beach have been evolving or I should say snowballing.  The first lie was put forth by Joel’s minister, Jordan Jopling CLICK HERE, who claimed the center was closed and Joel had no choice but to seek dialysis for his diseased body in one of the wealthiest vacation spots in the U.S.A.

However, anyone watching the news was informed that such clinics and the hospitals were immediately restored (which even the staff will inform you).

Now, an anonymous poster with the email states that Joel had to travel way to West Palm Beach because Joel was turned away for treatment and the doctors were busy with other patients(CLICK HERE). The first red flag was this person calling them “DOCTORS” they aren’t doctors at the treatment center they are “NURSES”, LOL, some are RN some LPN’s.

Second, to claim the center turned Joel Stockstill away because they were busy with other patients is CRIMINAL. Also, let’s say the News, the staff at the treatment center, and my family member lied and Joel is the only one correct. That still doesn’t explain why he traveled way to West Palm Beach. He had other parishes within the state itself, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and the Pan Handle of Florida. He frequents the controversial Brownesville Revival in Pensacola, surely he knows the area.

The point: stop lying! You’ll only have to create more and more lies to cover up the first one. The new claim that Joel Stockstill was turned away because the doctors were busy is a slap in the face to any half intelligent human being. Then again, if  Bethany’s other Prophet, LAWRENCE DEAN STOCKSTILL, could use fear tactics to coerce millions from poor blacks to invest in his predominately White South Campus and it’s area, they’ll believe this new lie, eventhough it contradicts their first lie.

Joel Stockstill, Persecuted Prophet??!! Tuesday, Jun 2 2009 

Peace And Grace Be Upon The Assembly of God Who Have Been Blessed With The Gift of Discernment



     First, a little history of those unaware. Joel Stockstill has a history of failed prophecies, in particular, he prophesied that Christ was going to heal his wife from her disease on the foundation of poor hermeneutics; See Here. The Biblical Prophets were very different from False Prophets by the fulfillment of their prophecies. Joel’s history is hit and miss; He misses on the details but when he speaks like a French Quarter Palm Reader with vagueness, he’s able to coerce his prophecies into a hit.


Second, he proclaimed Gov. Sarah Palin as an annointed princess versus President Obama. He campaigned for her via his website with article praising her Christianity and family as annointed. He along with the other false Televangelist/Prophet Kim Clement claimed Sarah Palin would “shake things up” during the election process. This is where he “hits” because the prophecy is so vague, it can be fulfilled no matter what. Wouldn’t a African American Christian President being elected considered to be “shaking things up” rather than a dense barbie like Palin whose daughter is pregnant unwed teen?


However,  his campaigning (or as Joel dressed it up) “Prophecy” about Sarah Palin caused a split in his predominately black congregation.  Joel, with the help of other managers, were able to divide and conquer this protest.  However, some continue to attend the church yet remain against Joel Stockstill and surely let him know it. These blacks only attend because of their loyalty to their Cell-Leader and friends.  Yet, this remnant continues to speak their minds and JOEL KNOWS IT!!



Joel Stockstill, Persecuted Prophet or Cry Baby?

Joel Stockstill, Persecuted Prophet or Cry Baby?


As a result,  Joel seeks more pity and dresses himself up like a “PERSECUTED PROPHET”. He uses a lone verse from Hosea(9:8) which states:


The Prophet, along with my God, is the watchman over Ephraim, yet snares await him in all his paths and hostility in the house of his God(V.8)


Joel obviously justifying his campaigning for Sarah Palin and the disturbance it caused, now claims to have “…snares await him in all his paiths and hostility in the house of his God(Hos.9:8)”.


The problem with Joel’s eisegesis is that Joel Stockstill IS NOT A BIBLICAL PROPHET no matter how many times he blogs about his claim AND Larry Stockstill IS NOT A BIBLICAL PROPHET despite him claiming to see visions of JUDGEMENT DAY approaching(this comes conviently in time for his latest book, The Remnant). Both so-called prophets have a history of failed prophecies. YOU CAN’T BE RIGHT SOME OF THE TIME YOU HAVE TO PROPHETICALLY CORRECT ALL THE TIME. I’m still awaiting an answer to my “Serious Question About The Stockstill’s Claim To Be Biblical Prophets“. Their propecies always comes in sync with either a book deal, conference, or members they can’t control.


Joel, having a double standard against Pres. Obama and being held accountable for it, doesn’t make you a Persecuted Prophet, it makes you a hypocrite and racist. One standard for whites and another for blacks. You still fail to speak about the lack of morality in the Palin houselhold with Bristol Palin’s out wedlock birth, yet you expose the splinters in Pres. Obama’s eyes.


You’re claim to be a Prosecuted Prophet is pathetic, God will continue to visit his judgements on your house and save the true victims.

Pastor Rick Warren Teams Up With Pres. Obama Not Joel’s Annointed Palin Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

Peace Be Upon You In The Name of Christ Jesus


     Wow, what a statement President-elect Barack Obama has made. Despite what the many McCain/Palin Supporters at Bethany  have said about Barack Obama, Barack shuts them up by uniting with Rick Warren. At the same time he’s angered many homosexuals and liberals. This says a lot to me about his balanced approached to uphold the U.S. Constitution and his Christian conviction. Again, I don’t deify Barack, ONLY CHRIST MY SAVIOR, Amen!  But I have to give him credit. I’m just amazed at how he continues to reach out to people he doesn’t agree with and/or folks who didn’t vote for him.


Rick Warren, "The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. "

Rick Warren, "The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. " Rick Warren's response to Christians who rebuked him for praying for Pres. Obama.



     As noted in the above pic’s caption. Rick Warren  is catching insults and upsetting our so called Christian Conservatives for agreeing to pray with and for Obama.  As we have seen with The Stockstill’s, it suprised us to see how immature and predjudice some Christians can be.  They not only campaigned for Sarah Palin but rebuked those who didn’t agree she was  an “Annointed Phenomenon”.  It continues to sadden me as I’m meeting more whites who continue to voice their disgust and even claim we shouldn’t have a President with the name “BARACK”(You know who you are). It reminds me of the foolishness that Fox News put into people heads like Joel Stockstill who constantly quoted Fox. Rick Warren was suprised like us:


“The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. “




     Do you think  the Republicans would have reached out to those who didn’t vote for their party or seek to assist them? It’s a shame that even folks in other countries can not find an ounce of respect for Bush and hurl the lowest parts of their clothing(shoes) at our President  and calls him a dog. We know from ancient times a “DOG” is an unclean animal. Total disrespect.


  1. Mt. 7:6-Give not that which is holy unto the dogs.
  2. Php. 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision
  3. Rev. 22:15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral


     I mean really, he’s not even their President and they can’t stand him. Even when I was on vacation in Central America people would ask, “What’s the deal with your president[Bush]?”. 


     We have to remember that Our President has to uphold the U.S. Constitution and represent us to the World.  This is why Presidents like Bush who claimed they were against gay agendas and abortion never changed a thing. We elected them and found our families were helped but the rich got richer. It’s politics not church. Bobby Jindal is a Catholic but Protestants and Country Charismatics will vote for him because he’s Republican. It’s amazing how Televangelist like Larry Stockstill tell their followers not to vote for a party yet that’s just what they do.


Wow, a whole shoe!!


Rodney Howard Browne And Bethany Thursday, Jul 31 2008 

This article has been updated. I was unaware that the (C)hristian (R)esearch (I)nstitute updated their site and changed the links to their articles on Rodney Howard Browne and The Pensacola/Toronto Revivals. I couldn’t do better research on this Cult and scam artist so I’ll let Hank Hanegraaf’s research remain the source.


The C.R.I.’s journal is also on sale at Lifeway Bookstore and Books-A-Million near the Mall of Louisiana. Their latest research is a warning against the book called, “The Shack” where the author has God declaring on Pg. 182 that His son didn’t come to make anyone a Christian. I highly recommend it’s subscription.

Link to Rodney Howard Browne’s Cult:



Link in general to search results on all the articles on this cult:


The Christian Research Institute’s book “Counterfeit Revival” on this movement is a biblically based research on how these false prophets lead many away from the Churches into unbiblical rituals like “slain in the spirit” and how Bethany requires their Cell’ leaders to speak in tongues.


Just like Larry Stockstill’s book “Laws of Increase”, his teacher Rodney Howard Browne claims the death of Christ not only saves us from sin but also gives us riches . I have to give credit to Mr. Browne though because he’s not scared to place his TRUE BELIEFS in his doctrinal statements. On the other hand, when you read Bethany’s “what we believe” they only list a very very small generic list. They say nothing about what they believe on the following rituals that constantly take place at Bethany:


  1. Speaking In Tongues
  2. Slain In The Spirit
  3. Prosperity Gospel
  4. Won’t acknowledge Black History Month
  5. Teaching On Salvation By Works or Faith
  6. Christians Can Lose Their Salvation
  7. Christians Can Be Demon Possessed
  8. Generational Curses
  9. Endorsing Benny Hinn
  10. Endorsing The Toronto/Pensacola Blessing Cult
  11. Details About Their Real Conversion (Coercion) Process Called “Encounter”
  12. Members Aren’t Given Any Details About Bethany’s Finances Like Other Churches Do
  13. The Truth About Bethany Being A Denomination (Charismatic 3rd. Wave)


     They hide so much from the crowd. People attend this cult because their friends attend. It’s like the old Pyramid Scam relabled as a Cell Group.