Trouble Making Negro!! Tuesday, Feb 17 2009 

Peace And Grace Upon You In The Name of Christ Jesus,


I’ve noticed a common trait among those who defend the cult of Bethany World Prayer Center and the Stockstills. These folks constantly lable those who disagree with them as a  “TROUBLE MAKER” or “AGITATOR”. These insults could be halfway decent if they provided some supporting evidence to those statements. However, they don’t because they can’t. It’s easier just to hurl these stones at anyone who disagrees with their god, Larry Stockstill and his angel Joel Stockstill. Despite Bethany’s silence, the McCain/Palin campaign catered to racists. They had no problem with exposing those who sided with President Barack but remained silent with those who sided with McCain/Palin. This is why McCain/Palin remained in small country towns and called them the “Real America”. If you watched any of the interviews that occurred during McCain/Palin’s conventions you’ll hear the same thing over and over, “I’m concerned the niggers will take over”; “They’re not Christian”.


Now even the most respected Newspaper has exposed their racist views!!! The N.Y. Post, famous for their political cartoons, published this one:



During Black History Month, the cable channel TVone has played several good movies on the Black Churhces’ role during the Civil Rights movement when the White Churches remained silent(as they did during the Jewish Holocaust). It seems not much has changed since then. I viewed several movies that were true stories that took place in the South(Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia). 

The Black Churches that chose to expose the racist South, expose Racist Churches, racist businesses or chose to  participate in protests, participate in voter registration, or participate in getting a black leader in goverment were called “Troublemakers, Communists, Agitators, Divisive”. Ever since I’ve revealed the scams and racial bias from the Stockstill’s guess what Ovadyah has been labled as? Yep, “Troublemaker, Agitator, Divisive”.  Not much has changed!

Furthermore, there were those blacks in the South who despite having all the evidence of wrongdoing, prejudice, and racism refused to join their brothers and sisters in the struggle. The whites back then would label these as “good negroes” or “good boys” or “good Christian”. Again, not much has changed.

Unlike the research and supporting evidence from Ovadyah, the defenders of The Stockstills do just as their forefathers; they hurl insults and adjectives without supporting evidence, NONE!! Read their comments! They simply give opinions or insults.


Futhermore,  watch how Bethany is now trying to prevent their biggest bank rolls from leaving(naive black folks). The ad below has not one black face on it, however….




It’s obvious Bethany is in Damage Control mode You now see blacks being pushed into leadership/pastoral roles, LOL and look at the videos(What’s Love Got To Do With It), THEY ARE ACTUALLY FALLING FOR IT!!  Too bad for them, they made this advertisement before fully realizing the Black Exodus back to their historic congregations.


Eventhough Bethany has deceptively pushed these black folks into these positions, THEY REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE BLACK HISTORY MONTH! You couldn’t even tell there was such a thing.  Again, Check out the latest 220POWER advertisement(posted Jan.29, 2009) above, NOT A SINGLE BLACK FACE ON IT!!  Now, check out who is preaching at the latest 220POWER. What’s even more obvious is how the congregants are grouped. The Blacks are all huddled in unity, like these kids were forced by their parents to attend!

The Stockstills obviously have mental ownership on those poor blacks that fill their pews. No matter what the evidence, they stay! They admit they have many concerns but WON’T LEAVE! That’s a cult! To make things worse, check out Joel’s latest blog. HE BLAMES THE BLACK FOR CALLING HIM A RACIST and boldy states, “I am not looking for apologies personally but desiring for us to learn from our mistakes and not allow this type of thing to tear us apart in the future.”. WHaaaat??!! and Y’all staying, LOL. He’s the one who started this whole mess. He’s the one who quickly deleted the questionable blog. Don’t be deceived by the cleaned up version Bethany now circulates. Again, Joel you’re the one who started this whole mess by your verbal lashings on Pres. Obama’s back while praising the McCain/Palin campaign. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH HOMEBOY!!

He clearly points out the sins of others but never acknowledges his and the other leaders who coerced the congregation. Yes, I agree, Obama isn’t perfect BUT LOOK AT BUSH WHO MCCAIN SAID HE WOULD CONTINUE! You expose how Obama allows abortion when the mother’s life is in danger BUT SAY NOTHING ABOUT


This double standard is what makes you a racist!! You ignore the whites’ sins(Palin) and magnify President Obama’s. Joel and Larry Stockstill you ARE HYPOCRITES AND RACISTS!!  You’re  just like the racists on Fox News, who you constantly quote. It’s okay for one group to sin but not the other??!! My heart truly weeps to see how you rebuke the blacks who NOTICED YOUR DOUBLE STANDARD and even had the audacity to say, “I’m not looking for apologies”. I agree, you should be GIVING OUT apologies. You didn’t give a one, you put it all on your congregation. Oh, my people wake up!! Wake Up!! Stop letting this child tell you that you were wrong when YOU WERE RIGHT! He’s only as powerful as you let him be. Oh yeah, it was real convient for you Joel to be out of town after deleting that infamous blog. I’m sure we have to give Dad that credit.

Nobody is defending Pres. Obama simply because of the color of his skin. We’re defending him because, like us, we’re held to a double standard! You are the one that needs to apologise for your actions. You are the one that failed, STOP BLAMING YOUR CONGREGATION YOU HYPOCRITE!!

Only now you call the election “Temporal and Earthly” before you stated prophets were proclaiming:


Despite your conviction on politics and the presidential race there has been a true phenomenon that has happened since the appearance of VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin. This bright and beautiful new face has electrified the nation and brought a whole new spin on everything. I believe it was in January that Kim Clement prophesied that a vice presidential candidate would come into the picture and shake up the whole race. Boy, did that word ever come true!

Gov. Palin is a spirit-filled believer who was strongly involved in her home church (from the city she is from Wasilla). She then became a part of a great church in Juneau as she moved there to be governor. This church uses methods of discipleship very similar to what we do here at Bethany”. (PALIN PHENOMENON, SAT.OCT.04,2008)  


You used the adjectives “true phenomenon, electrified, spirit-filled”. But since your prophecy or I should say hopes have failed, you now modify the election with “TEMPORAL AND EARTHLY”. Boy you’re too much and tell the poor black folks, “I don’t expect an apology”. You remind me of my childhood when the boastful would appear on the basketball court and shout “Oh yeah we’re gonna beat y’all so bad, we gonna win!!” and yet when these boastful pretenders LOSE THEY RENIG LIKE YOU with “Hey, it’s only game….why y’all making a big deal about us losing, let’s put that type of boasting away, y’all need to be a little more mature”. Now it’s Temporal and Earthly, I know why it’s because you’re the loser. Now the election wasn’t and isn’t a big deal to you. BUT IT IS, AMERICA HAS IT’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT….HELLLLLO??!! Futhermore, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS WHOLE MESS!!  Stop blaming those poor black folks under your authority. How you never admit to have done anything wrong during this campaign is incredibly bold and to see how much ownership you have over those black kids is astonishing.


I feel so sorry for them. WAAAAAKE UUUUUUUP!!

Jordan Jopling of Bethany, LIAR, LIAR!! Monday, Dec 22 2008 

     Jordan Jopling , who works with Joel Stockstill’s 220U, has recently felt the need to respond personally to me,Ovadyah, to defend Gov. Sarah Palin and Joel Stockstill. I’ll place his entire response unedited and respond below it. As many of us have already seen, it’s done more damage than damage control. Oh, when will they learn!!  Jordan Jopling thinks we’re all ignorant not realizing that the modern day racist speak in “code words” and WAS RECENTLY UPHELD IN A COURT OF LAW AS ADMISSABLE EVIDENCE.





You are seriously mixing up facts.

1) Joel Stockstill never has been and is not a racist. Those that accuse him of this only expose themselves as not knowing him or his family AT ALL.

2) Sarah Palin is outspoken about her Christian faith (as is Obama). The reason that the Church in America is behind her is that her history confirms this. Unlike Barak Obama, she does attend a Spirit-filled church  and the people she is associated with in Alaska back up her Christian lifestyle.

3) The accusations about Palin’s knowledge of Africa came out AFTER the election, Fox News said they wished they would have known, and Palin denied the accusations. All of this is on the video you link to, so please watch closely.

4) The Kim Clement prophecy you and Pastor Joel refers to does in fact claim that a vice presidential CANDIDATE…would shake things up. Did that not happen with Palin. Seems like the prophecy was fulfilled. Again, your own link supports this.

…would shake things up. Did that not happen with Palin. Seems like the prophecy was fulfilled. Again, your own link supports this.

5) Last, but most importantly: Pastor Joel went to West Palm Beach during the hurricane because he has kidney failure and must be on dialysis 3 times a week. Baton Rouge was without power for a week in most areas. He has a friend that lives there and stayed with them.

Please look at things objectively. When you interpret things based on a conclusion that you want, you will never see truth. You’re hurting yourself and everyone you lie to about these things.



Peace And Grace To You Jordan Jopling,

                                                           Upon reading your entire e-mail I was reminded of how Sen.John McCain(R) had to constantly remove Gov.Sarah Palin’s foot from her mouth when she attempted to conduct interviews without supervision.  She attempted to be a big girl and turned into a big embarassment for women across America and Sen.John’s campaign. As a result, John McCain felt the need to start sitting-in these interviews and interjecting before Sarah could further embarrass the Republican Campaign and cause Republicans to start jumping-ship and making an exodus towards PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA.


     In other words, You’re Joel Stockstill’s John McCain and Joel is of course your Sarah Palin, constantly putting his foot in his mouth and embarrassing his father’s Campaigns. Bethany now sees an exodous of their biggest financial supporters(African-americans) returning to their own churches from which Bethany seduced them from. I will respond to your claims in the same order as you numbered them. But first realize, that we’re not ignorant we know the racist CODE WORDS.  Even the courts of law recognize that the new racist speak in code.  Haven’t you seen the code that the N.Y. Time spoke in when they were clearly calling President Obama a monkey in their cartoon!?





1.)You claim that Joel Stockstill is not a racist yet he never extended the same courtesy and praise to PRESIDENT-ELECT Barack Obama which he blindly gave to Sarah Palin. Joel Stockstill emulates the new racist. They provide one standard for whites and another standard for African-Americans. Joel NEVER gave us any negative concerns about Sarah Palin; Joel never exposed Sarah Palin’s questionable company but never had a problem with whipping the backs of the black folks(Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey) with his berating tongue who supported PRESIDENT-ELECT Barack Obama.Why not do the same with the questionable folks who supported Palin and McCain?! This is the same characteristics of the new racists,i.e., a double standard for blacks.  We fell for those tactics with Bush and Govenor Foster but NO MORE, AMEN!!  Bush is the biggest joke to ever land in the White House. If Joel’s not a racist he’s definitely adopted and simulated their behavior during THIS presidential campaign. Walk like a duck, talk like a duck, he’s a duck. Oh yeah, I’ve noticed all of the rewriting Joel has been doing to his blog entries. Will this fool the black majority? Probally, sad but probally. I know of many who deify the Stockstills.

Remember when Tiger Woods entered golf and the racist comment made by his colleage. The other whites came to his defense and stated the same thing your’re saying, “You just have to know him, he’s not a racist”. It seems everytime a white gets caught in such a bind their “brothers” come with the exact same defense, “You’ve got to to know him”. We minorities know that double standard!! We know the code words!! We know the berating words!! We know when LSU hangs that REBEL FLAG, they’re racist!! Depsite folks stating, “You just don’t understand us” or “it shows you just don’t know us”, we are just expressing southern pride. These are the signs/symptoms you ignore. I don’t blame you for your ignorance. Everyday minorities encounter certain phrases and quips by whites that set off alarms in their heads. It’s not until they get home from work that they call their fellow and state, “You won’t believe what so-and-so said today” and when it gets out…here comes that white guy with, “You just have to understand so-and-so he’s just old-school or you just gotta know him”. It makes us sick!!


Another example is his dad’s, Larry Stockstill’s blog entry about “THIS PRESIDENT “is another sign/symptom. Larry calls President Obama, “THIS PRESIDENT….”  AND NOT  “Our President” but a demeaning “THIS PRESIDENT“.We know YOU and we know JOEL. “THIS PRESIDENT”??!! At Southern University and black churches that statement says a lot and is similar to the other racist in Louisiana. Larry has claims in his blog maybe racial strife is coming to an end??!! Obviously not Bethany! He claims many whites voted for President Barack and claims to have rejoiced over this as proof that racism is coming to an end. WOW…Now he wants to praise President Barack, LOL! It was clear during the campaigns who He was voting for and it’s clear from his description of PRESIDENT BARACK as “THIS PRESIDENT” and not “OUR PRESIDENT” that shows his concealed prejudice, it just kills Larry Stockstill to say, “OUR PRESIDENT”.

There have been many half-truths about whites voting for Pres. Barack. Yes, many voted for this black man, however, THE MAJORITY DID NOT!! Despite the record breaking number of Black registrered voters, the white vote won Louisiana for McCain and Palin. What side was Joel on? The majority of black folks in his church or did he stick with his skin clan? It’s amazing how this white kid is leading our black elders.


  • How did they get so seduced from their churches??!!
  • How did our black leaders give up their STRUGGLE for freedom from white authority and later submit to white authority(Stockstills)??!!
  • How did Bethany trick our elders not to support President Barack??!!
  • How did our small family churches become empty and the Stockstills’ fill up?
  • How did our people abandon their historical civil rights churches for the Stockstill’s authority??!!
  • How did we stop supporting historic churches for new-age occultic experiences??!!
  • How did we become embarassed of our roots??!!




       It’s important to examine what Larry says about the racial divide. He made the claim that whites voting for Barack is proof that racial tension is healing. So would it not be logical that those who didn’t vote for Barack prove just the opposite? So with that in mind….


It’s clear the whites at Bethany who didn’t give President Barack their vote are not part of Larry Stockstill’s proof that whites voting for Pres. Barack shows racial healing. I would agree with Larry Stockstill that whites voting for a black President shows that some are healing that racial divide and are fulfilling Martin Luther’s dream that they didn’t see the color of his skin. It also brought out what was hidden under Bethany’s skin. Yes, Larry Stockstill is attempting to praise Pres. Barack ,NOW, BUT DID EVERYTHING IN HIS STRENGTH DURING THE ELECTION(with Joel’s support) TO ENSURE BARACK WOULD NOT BECOME OUR PRESIDENT. But now that his man lost and Joel’s black congregation is disgruntled about their comments, the Stockstill’s are attempting to seduce them back under THEIR authority and keep their fore-fathers churches empty.


     Furthermore, to elucidate how the WHITES OF LOUISIANA voted I guide you to the research by New Orleans Newspaper, The Times Picayune.  Even without their research it was clear that LOUISIANA WHITES WERE NOT GOING TO SUBMIT TO A BLACK PRESIDENT, yet blacks elders submit to a white kid(Joel Stockstill).  The article is archived at click here to access it, it also contains a visual map of the breakdown. Again, which side was Joel on. Here is a concise quote of their research:



“However, while Obama was improving on Kerry’s performance in most states — including such critical battlegrounds as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and North Carolina — he did worse than Kerry among white voters in a handful of states — ESPECIALLY Alabama, Mississippi and LOUISIANA.”




“They[LOUISIANA, ALAMBAMA,MISSISSIPPI] are moving contrary to the rest of the country,” said Bositis, who said Obama’s race — and the historic pattern of racially polarized voting in these states — seemed the most obvious reason.”



2.)Gov.Sarah Palin wasn’t outspoken about her Christian faith, she constantly referred to herself as a “MAVERICK”, I rarely heard Jesus or Scriputre or Praying and turned her campaigns to small white towns as the “real americans”. Furthermore the “Church of America” was not behind Sarah Palin, it was the WHITE CHURCH that was behind Sarah Palin,. 


     There goes that double standard again, you stated unlike Barack Obama’s Church Sarah Palin’s is “Spirit-Filled”. If a church doesn’t have the Holy Spirit then it’s logical to conclude it isn’t Christian; You can’t be saved unless you’re Spirit-Filled. What a judgement you’ve made against our President!! I’ve seen the hostile whites at McCain’s campaigns, even Sen. John. McCain had to ease white voters because they scaring off a lot of minority voters. Yet, nobody at Bethany’s blogs pointed out those white-pride Christians! Nobody at Bethany rebuked Palin for her shopping spree of $150,000.00 during a terrible economy. That didn’t show good stewardship. Why the double standard??!!

We know that our church leaders prayed over President Barack.  So I guess these blacks elders fall under your double standard of not being “Spirit-Filled”. It’s a beautiful picture of blacks not falling prey to white intimidation. I feel sorry for the blacks in Bethany’s 220SU. Brothers and Sisters view the pic’ in the link below, my family actually placed this above our fireplace encased with the American Flag. I know JORDAN JOPLING  how you feel about the black church. You clearly stated it above(#2)Unlike Barak Obama, she does attend a Spirit-filled church”.





3.)O.K. there’s not much too say about Number-3….OF COURSE Gov. Palin is going to deny it. She also claim that she read many magazines on the economy and couldn’t name one. She responded to Katie Kouric with “Oooh I read the ones put before me“, “Oooh I read lot’s of em”, LOL!! Again, not much to say about her truthfulness. That was hillarious. What a Spirit-filled woman! She was spirit-filled(not Holy Spirit) and spoke with lying tongues.



4.)Sarah Palin didn’t shake things up!! Not unless you mean she shook things up so hard their campaign deteriorated and caused Republicans to vote for Pres. Barack(Gen.C.Powell and Armstrong Williams)Yeah in that case she shook things up allright! Plus, anyone can make vague prophecies like that and they do, it’s big business cause their are so many gullible customers. However, my definition of shaking things up would’ve been a win not a huge loss!! Even John McCain says he sees more qualified people than Sarah Palin who he hill support for the 2012 Presidency. If she was part of Prophecy it’s definitely not the one by Kim Clement. Gov. Sarah was a panicked reaction when the whites saw President Barack had a chance to win even without Hillary Clinton as Vice President. Furthermore, not one Stockstill blogged, revealed, or rebuked Sarah Palin’s daughter(Bristol Palin) for SEX OUT OF MARRIAGE and a BABY OUT OF WEDLOCK!! Instead they continued focusing on Barack Obama! Bristol Palin gave birth to her child AND STILL REMAINS UNMARRIED!! What bias you and the Stockstills have!



5.)You’re definitely doing damage control on this one, LOL. Nowhere in his post does JOEL STOCKSTILL even hint that he had to travel to one of the most expensive and richer city in the U.S. FOR “DIALYSIS” or that he stayed with a friend in West Palm Beach. In his blog entry he clearly states it was “Hot and sticky” in Baton Rouge and when he arrived in West Palm Beach it was nice to get “A.C.” Or in his own words….





     If his dialysis treatments were that effected, he sure didn’t complain about it or seek treatment in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, or the very close pan-handle of Florida. I’m sure there were no immediate areas for this Prosperity Preacher but “West Palm Beach” where the average single family home in 2007 was $396,000.00. For someone who constantly blogs about his health he definitely didn’t this time. In his words, “NOTHING WORSE THAN NO AC!”.


     Futhermore, I know people who are treated at the same facility(one is a family member who needs to stop smoking, yeah I went there on ya, LOL) and they were directed to alternate sites that were IMMEDIATELY restored. On top of that, anyone listening to the news knows that even the surrounding neighborhoods of hospitals recieved electricity. I’m also sure none of the surrounding parishes were able to take him. It’s ironic how my family member who receives the same number of treatments per week was able to remain in Louisiana and get treatment. I’m going to interview more patients and see how far they had to travel, I’m sure they couldn’t travel to West Palm Beach.


     Finally, he makes no mention of thanks to his “friend in West Palm Beach” for allowing him to stay in their West Palm Beach House. HOWEVER, he does state that some friends came down to visit him and join in the $hopping $pree$!! It would make more sense to thank his “friend” in West Palm Beach for allowing him to stay at his house. If he stayed with his friends in Orlando, Joel wouldn’t have said they “came down” to visit him and join in the $hopping $pree$. These friends had to travel from Orlando to West Palm Beach which is approximately 170.97 MILES which is about 2HOURS AND 42 MINUTES. Yeah but he stayed with them, SHAME ON YOU JORDAN!! Like my momma says, “TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL”.


“Today I had the opportunity to hang out with my good friends Jonathan and Christina Miller, who came down from Orlando. We preceded to hit EVERY MALL IN THE AREA and do some major damage of our own!”


     Hmmmm, sound like they were visiting his AC not vice-versa. But keep attempting to clean up behind your Sarah Palin everytime he puts his foot in his mouth! From the above evidence you clearly need to learn objectivity and stop with the damage control. Just repent and move on. Sarah Palin failed, Joel hated being without AC, and Obama is OUR President. I know it disgusts you to see that black face in a high place AND I LOVE IT!! HOW DID IT HAPPEN, huh?! Too bad FOR YOU America isn’t like THE WHITE DIXIE SOUTH!! Amen.

 And yes, I already know what Bethany is going to do to keep their biggest financial contributors(African Americans). They will promote  more black faces in high places(teachers, front pew with more black folks). The sad thing those black faces are not from black places. I’ve read their profiles they didn’t grow in black neighborhoods or went to black schools (high school or college). They’ve allowed the Stockstills to assimilate their culture.

***Please note I will interview my family member and staff at that dialysis center to get exact details concerning Gustav’s effects on their patients. But even without it, we’ve seen you’re Maverick cleanup. Again, I’m sure the other Parishes didn’t have dialysis centers or the surrounding states. It’s ironic how my family member was able to receive treatment here and didn’t have the access to church’s money for travel. I’ve also noticed Joel has added/edited his Palin Part2 blog, LOL. Feeling the heat huh?

Bethany’s Black Congregation Tuesday, Nov 18 2008 

It’s been brought to our attention at Ovadyah that a recent incident has caused many at Bethany’s “Campus” in Baker, La to question their leaders motives. We have seen with the election of America’s first Black President, Barack Obama, hidden racism and prejudice by believers and non-believers. I have in my possession a supposedly deleted blog by Joel Stockstill where he went-off on Barack and his supporters that wept in celebration of America’s first african-american president.

As a result, many black members of Bethany were shocked and questioned whether they should remain. In fact, I received this supposedly deleted blog from another disgruntled-former member. I say supposedly not to call this brother (who provided the deleted post) a liar but to continue this site’s truth nature.

Furthermore, it was brought to my attention that local D.J. Guy Brody , of 106.5 F.M.,came into contact with the statements by Joel Stockstill and have made several attempts to contact Joel Stockstill concerning this matter but to no avail. Joel Stockstill was conviently “OUT OF TOWN”. However, Guy Brody should be applauded for not giving up, his represenatives made several attempts. Maybe Joel was on one of his “SHOPPING SPREES IN WEST PALM BEACH AGAIN” or “COURTSIDE WITH THE LAKERS”.

I know and see people who called themselves Christian attacking and attacked President-elect Obama but NEVER JOHN MCCAIN. This is the situation at hand. This is how George W. Bush was elected. The church was successful in influencing their congregation to do the Christian thing and vote for a Christian President. As we saw with George W. Bush, he was christian only by name.  I’m so glad African-Americans weren’t tricked again!! Yet what saddens me is that it brought out the hidden racism and prejudice of chistians. And by the way, OBAMA IS A CHRISTIAN!! NOT A MUSLIM!! AND MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST!!

 I’m still in the research process but I felt the need to address this situation due to 78 e-mails asking if the above situation is true. Please be patient and I will verify it.


*****ADDED Nov.19, 2008***** Well I’ve visited both and and they definitely don’t hide the fact they are continuing their Pro-republican same old good-ole boy bush stance. They whine about other News agencies deceiving viewers and endorse the same good-ole boy Fox News. theory. It’s a shame because even Fox News who is obviously pro-Mccain is embarassed by Sarah Palin(See her Katie Kouric interview). I can honestly say I’ve viewed both sides and have to agree with both sides that Sarah Palin is keen but clueless. After an unbiased review, I pretty much concluded the same as Mat Damon

*******UPDATE*******UPDATE*******(11-23-08)-The supposedly deleted blog that is widely circulated it receiving more authenticity as I research this matter. When I click the link in this deleted post it lead to a blank page which was in fact “deleted”. I am then led to an update by “DAD”. It’s obvious Larry Stockstill didn’t want to lose his main financial donations which come from the naive black congregation.


      Even Fox News as voting day drew near began criticizing Sarah Palin’s lack of knowledge, ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE ADMITTED SHE DID NOT KNOW AFRICA WAS A CONTINENT!!! Yet Joel Stockstill attempts to convince his naive congregation she is not only very knowledgable BUT WAS SPOKEN OF BY A PROPHET OF GOD,KIM CLEMENT, LOL!!. If she doesn’t know anything about Africa, How will she know anything about African-Americans??!! The Fox News Network in the above clip admitted they held off the knowledge that the Republican Party didn’t like McCain’s choice for a V.P.


Though Joel Quoted Fox News Channel To Promote Sarah Palin, We See Many Advertisers Quit Advertising Because They Don't Want To Be Associated With Racist. After So-And-So Falsely Claimed Pres. Obama Hates White People The Following Companines Pulled Their Support

Though Joel Quoted Fox News Channel To Promote Sarah Palin, We See Many Advertisers Quit Advertising Because They Don't Want To Be Associated With Racist. After So-And-So Falsely Claimed Pres. Obama Hates White People The Following Companines Pulled Their Support


After receiving several complaints and threats of leaving Bethany a damage-control post was written by “DAD” A.K.A. Larry Stockstill.  It just amazes me how they use Fox News as their source of info on Obama and the Praise of Sarah Palin(clueless) as a devout Christian(who spent $150,000 of donations in clothing in 2months or the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere“). I guess she lives the lifestyle of Joel who decided to go shopping in West Palm Beach when the worst Hurrican in History hit Baton Rouge, La. Birds of a feather flock together. It takes one to one.

Joel Stockstill claims that the goofball Sarah Palin’s nomination was sent from God(prophecy) to “Kim Clement” in January. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! Sarah Palin is a “Spirit filled believer”, JOEL ARE YOU NUTS??!! Read his blog entries on the “Palin Phenomen”. This was sent through a prophet, Kim Clement…LOL!!! You know I have to take back my statement that Bethany’s Black Congregation wasn’t deceived. THEY WERE!! Why? Because Bush obviously won in Louisiana. Only the Dixie South blacks were tricked. Everywhere else they remembered the last scam of these televangelist which caused George W. Bush to train-wreck America for the past 8 years. It’s also astounding to read how Joel calls on his congregation to pray for Sarah Palin’s campaign but nothing about President-Elect Obama’s; just the opposite he degrades Obama.

Prophecy….LOL…Oh my goodness! I would be ashamed to even let folks know I submit to Bethany’s leadership. Truly amazing.

 Well, I guess if they praise Joel for taking off to West Palm Beach to hit the malls after Gustav tore up Baton Rouge, they probally defended Sarah Palin for spending $150,000 in two months on clothes.