Tell One Lie, You’ll Have To Tell Another To Cover Up The First Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 



 I think we’ve all received the advice that “If you tell one lie, you’ll have to tell another to defend your first”. This is why the researchers that assist  Ovadyah’s blog provide references for EVERY CLAIM, unlike the Bethany defendants who provide baseless opinions.
Tell One Lie And You'll Have To Tell Another To Cover Up The First. Bethany's Prophets (Lawrence Dean Stockstill and Joel Stockstill) Need To Simply Repent And Let's Move On

Tell One Lie And You'll Have To Tell Another To Cover Up The First. Bethany's Prophets (Lawrence Dean Stockstill and Joel Stockstill) Need To Simply Repent And Move On. Now that Two Contradicting Reasons For Bethany's Prophet Joel Stockstill's Travel To West Palm Beach Will Do Nothing But Create An Upcoming Third Lie. The Medical Center Will Inform Anyone Who Calls That They Turned Away NOBODY!! AND WAS UP AND RUNNING IMMEDIATELY AFTER GUSTAV.


 The reasons for Joel Stockstill’s traveling to West Palm Beach have been evolving or I should say snowballing.  The first lie was put forth by Joel’s minister, Jordan Jopling CLICK HERE, who claimed the center was closed and Joel had no choice but to seek dialysis for his diseased body in one of the wealthiest vacation spots in the U.S.A.

However, anyone watching the news was informed that such clinics and the hospitals were immediately restored (which even the staff will inform you).

Now, an anonymous poster with the email states that Joel had to travel way to West Palm Beach because Joel was turned away for treatment and the doctors were busy with other patients(CLICK HERE). The first red flag was this person calling them “DOCTORS” they aren’t doctors at the treatment center they are “NURSES”, LOL, some are RN some LPN’s.

Second, to claim the center turned Joel Stockstill away because they were busy with other patients is CRIMINAL. Also, let’s say the News, the staff at the treatment center, and my family member lied and Joel is the only one correct. That still doesn’t explain why he traveled way to West Palm Beach. He had other parishes within the state itself, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and the Pan Handle of Florida. He frequents the controversial Brownesville Revival in Pensacola, surely he knows the area.

The point: stop lying! You’ll only have to create more and more lies to cover up the first one. The new claim that Joel Stockstill was turned away because the doctors were busy is a slap in the face to any half intelligent human being. Then again, if  Bethany’s other Prophet, LAWRENCE DEAN STOCKSTILL, could use fear tactics to coerce millions from poor blacks to invest in his predominately White South Campus and it’s area, they’ll believe this new lie, eventhough it contradicts their first lie.

A “black” Man or Oreo, Tim S.? Thursday, Mar 5 2009 

Peace Be Upon You In The Name Of Christ Jesus The Passover Lamb (not the Stockstill’s idol the EASTER BUNNY/EGG HUNTS),


I, Ovadyah, determined this respondent deserved his own post also. There are many Blacks who have made the exodus from out of The House Of Poverty(Bethany), yet there is a remnant who remains(eventhough Tim.S is really in Los Angeles,Ca. not La.). They remain despite the supporting evidence that GOD gives them that they SHOULD LEAVE!! I will present Tim S.’s post in bold text and respond accordingly.


<strong> You obviously do not know the Stockstills personally. I am a BLACK man and the Stockstill’s church itself represents a standard and example for racial integration world wide. Get the facts. The Bible says that, “Man sees the outward appearance, but God sees the heart.” Let’s try to be a little more Godlike. </strong>


Oreos-Black Skin Double Stuffed With White

Oreos-Black Skin Double Stuffed With White


     Dear Tim S., I never claim to have known them personally. Thanks for clarifying that and I would like to support that fact. This website is not a personal attack on the Stockstills but an expose’ on their doctrine. You will not find me attacking them personally(i.e., making claims without evidence) because that’s not the intention. This is what the defenders of The Stockstill’s do when they respond to my posts. They attack me as a “Liar, word twister, bitter, etc.” without supporting evidence. If we don’t give supporting evidence to our statement they become “defamation of character” or “opinions”. This usually happens when people respond emotionally instead of logically. I’m attacking their bias with evidence that their subjects have yet to refute.


So, what particular statement is false?


Furthermore, I don’t have to know them personally to clearly see the double standard they present to Our now President Back Obama(as noted in my blog).  Joel constantly hailed Sarah Palin as a “Phenomenon(PART ONEPART TWO )” while hurling insults at our now President. Why didn’t he mention the short comings of the Palin family or even the McCain Campaign? Isn’t the possible election of a black man as President of the United States more of a “Phenomenon” than a dizzy Govenor from Alaska??!!


HE DOESN’T KNOW SARAH PALIN OR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA YET HE DOG’S ONE WHILE PRAISES THE OTHER!!! Yet, here you come defending Joel??!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say again. This is that clear doulbe standard!! You deify the Stockstills. Why didn’t you rebuke Joel when he “dogged out” President Obama with the same way you rebuked me??!! with….




Why didn’t you rebuke The Stockstills Mr. “Black Man”??!! Why the double standard??!! One for your white leader and one for your black people. You clearly have been taught well by your Masters, good boy. You really disappoint me. How could you? People who present this double standard like you are known in the black community as “OREOS”. You’re black on the outside and WHITE ON THE INSIDE. It shouldn’t suprise us, in this day and age we even have blacks who are official members of the Ku Klux Klan.


If You Ignore The Warning Signs, You're Discernment Will Embarrass You Before The World

If You Ignore The Warning Signs, You're Discernment Will Embarrass You Before The World


Instead of rebuking Joel, you attack the black folks who expose him; SAD, truly SAD!!  First, practice what you preach. Next, uphold justice and maintain ONE STANDARD FOR ALL NOT TWO  like Joel has taught you. I have yet to see anyone who defend the Stockstills practice what they preach to me. Yet, I know why….it’s because they don’t even believe in it. It’s just that they’ve been taught there are two standards, one for whites and another for blacks(mexicans, any non-white)!!

You paraphrased from the bible “Man sees the outward appearance, but God sees the heart”.


Again, why didn’t you rebuke Joel & Larry Stockstill with these verses??!! Why do you continue with the double standard??!! Why didn’t you rebuke them??!! LOL, you really have sold out haven’t you? You remind of the new G.O.P. Chairman Steele who was obviously pushed into that position. Chairman Steele(who is black) rebuked Rush Limbaugh(who is white) for shouting at the applause of other hateful whites at how he wants “Obama to fail”. Why did this black man do that??!! Rush Limbaugh shouted black at Chairman Steele with pure disrepect for defending Obama and what does Chairman Steel do? He apologizes to Rush Limbaugh, LOL and withdraws his defense for his brother Obama!! So you’re not the only puppet out there. Practice apologizing here so they can be proud of you. Oh that’s right Joel stated on his blog he’s not SEEKING APOLOGIES, LOL. Leave him alone, I’m sure he’s “hearing from GOD” again.

I’ve also notice when the whites wanted to rebuke Obama they sent another minority puppet to do it for them,i.e., Gov. Bobby Jindall, Chairman Steele, etc.. Goodness..y’all funny. I’ve notice also that Jonathan has FINALLY ADDED a black face to his advertising of his “Deluge Band”. Will minorities fall for it? Time will tell….

Furthermore, I’m not judging the outside of Larry Stockstill. I could care less how pale he is. You will not find a baseless attack on whites simply because their white. You will not find a double standard for whites and one for blacks. I’ve quoted and referenced THEIR DOCTRINE AND POLITICAL BLOGS. It’s a shame to see them using church funds to endorse Sarah Palin/John McCain’s campaign. Palin Phenomenon, LOL. I agree if this site were attacking Larry’s whiteness instead of his doctrine ONLY THEN WOULD YOUR PARAPHRASE MAKE SENSE.

You know whites have always put blacks like you in charge. In THE MOVIE “ROOTS” this REAL LIFE SLAVE was played by Louis Gossip Jr.(Fiddler, a mythical character) in the movie “ROOTS”. There was one set of rules for whites and another set of rules for black AND ANYTIME THE NEGRO STEPPED OUT OF LINE….there was FIDDLER & UNCLE TOM correcting them, while praising their superiors. Way too go, “brother”.

Peace To You Double Standard Tim.S.,


False Prophet Kim Clement Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 

This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord(Jer.23:16).


“This is what the Lord says– your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners(Is.44:24-25)


     Well, now it makes sense why The Stockstill’s at Bethany are so pro-bush! They submit to the prophecies of TBN false prophet, Kim Clement. Kim Clement constantly receives prophecies from God about how a godly man George W. Bush is and how he’s such a prayer warrior.


Like Joel and Larry Stockstill, Kim Clement claims to be a biblical prophet. Their prophecies have a 50/50 chance of being fulfilled. The more vague it is, the more probable.

Like Joel and Larry Stockstill, Kim Clement claims to be a biblical prophet. Their prophecies have a 50/50 chance of being fulfilled. The more vague it is, the more probable.



     I can say false because a prohet who claims to speak on behalf of The Almighty God can not be 50% correct, he must be 100% correct. Why? Because it’s real easy to be correct half of the time and amaze the simple minded. It’s not their correct hypothesis we should hold to but their failed prophecies. Unfortunately, Bethany constantly brings up this False Prophet as a resource and the Stockstill’s words are identical to Kim Clement’s words. Let’s look at one of Kim Clement’s obvious failed prophecy concerning Bush; link also provided for reference:

Tribute to President George W. Bush 
Nov 2, 2004

In honor of President George W. Bush, posted below are a few words of prophetic significance given by Kim, regarding his destiny to lead our Nation. On October 12, 2004 Kim was privileged to personally minister a word to President George W. Bush in Paradise Valley, AZ.

October 24, 2004- Humble, TX
“The Spirit of God has announced that, you have looked at candidates for the next four years. I have looked at a man after my own that will pray. I am looking and have searched for a man who would pray in the house called White, and I have found that man. He shall pray. He shall pray sturdily, powerfully, until the year 2006…and a great storm shall rise upon America. But because of the prayers of George W. Bush, I will save this country from a damage and a destruction upon your economy and upon your children.

Yes, you may look at this prophet and say, what would he know about American politics? But I have taken the mantle that rested upon Ronald Reagan in the heart and have placed it upon this man—President Bush. For what purpose? To bring again honor and dignity to the office of the President of the United States of America.

Nations shall come one by one and they will say, we were mistaken. France! France…who once buried the dead of American soldiers because they fought for you. You will repent for what you have done secretly. Three things shall be exposed because of transactions that took place in France and two other nations. And they shall be repentant. And your allies will increase. Four of your enemies shall become allies, and in the Middle East I will raise up honor because of what this Nation has done. Rejoice, for I am raising up laughter and joy upon your Nation.

A record has been broken. A President has broken a record. I see headlines. Impossible! Nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible.

And they are going to say it’s impossible because of what happened in this election and what happened with the President that broke a record. Listen to me. Nothing is impossible to those that believe.”


     George W. Bush is a man after God’s own??!! The economy ((((DID collapsed))))), gasoline rose to an all time high, 401k retirement plans lossed thousands of dollars,thousands of jobs were lost, and the United States received a devasting attack by Muslim extremist/terrorists. If this was the result of a George W. Bush’s praying I don’t want him praying for me and my house. What really got me was the “HOUSE OF WHITE”. Uh…that’s about right!

     This prophet claims that God’s mantle was on George W. Bush, “For what purpose? To bring again honor and dignity to the office of the President of the United States of America.” U.S.A. has lost much honor and dignity in the eyes of the world. George W. Bush has made the office of Presidency a joke in the eyes of America’s citizens. Has George W. Bush really fulfilled the false prophet’s purpose because God has exposed this “christian” as a fraud.

     “Nations shall come one by one and they will say, we were mistaken.” and “they shall be repentant“!!?? O.K., Kim Clement needs to test the Spirit(s) that he consults in divination because  the  U.S.A. has received several rebukes not other countries submitting to us in repentance.


     Even the black republican & Christian Armstrong Williams commented:


Armstrong Williams, an African American conservative and talk radio host who is not an Obamacon but said he might become one: “I’m not going to just blindly go to the polls and vote for someone because they’re a Republican anymore. I wouldn’t have given two cents of thought to this in the past, but fortunately I’m maturing and fortunately for the first time in my life I could vote for a Democrat for president.” Williams refuses to base his vote on race, “however the stain of America is race, human slavery and de jure segregation and no one can ignore the fact that since the founding of this country, only white men have occupied the White House.”


    That’s good to hear because I remember living up North and constantly hearing Armstrong’s radio show and how be chastised other minorities for going against the the republicans which he saw as Christian. I agree we can not ignore the facts. In particular, we can not ignore the past 8years and claim George W. Bush is a man after God’s own.


One can go on and on about this false prophet who sways toward whoever is in power!! In contradiction to Bush being a man of prayer and a man after God’s own and God will save America BECAUSE OF  the prayers’ of Bush NOW SAYS:


 I will bring you out of what they call a recession into your highest economy that you’ve ever had in your next four years, says the Spirit of God.


Now remember, during Bush’s reign as Presidency he was supposed to care of America through the power of prayer. But now Kim Clement wants to hop on the Obama band-wagon. I pray that Barack won’t fall for Kim’s tricks and consult his divinations. President Barack(Blessed) please use discernment. It’s a little interesting though despite all the signs and symptoms Kim Clement like Bush fails to call it a recession and maintains “…what THEY CALL a recession….”. It is what it is.

However, He still holds in “prophecy” that Bush will be vindicated by God. It’s not the media it’s the economy that testifies against George W. Bush!! Kim states in his prophecy:


Your present President will not leave his office or his term in shame.  There will be a very precise vindication  of numerous things that were scorned, that were mocked by men that thought they knew but understood nothing.  And when the baton is handed over, God said there shall be no fear in the nation.  Now take that and be secure. 



Kim Clement is a trip. He’s definitely playing both sides of the fence. Kim Clement cites an article where uranium was removed secretely from Iraq as proof that Bush is vindicating for entering Iraq. The problems that arise with this:


  1. We’re suppose to be hunting for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan NOT IRAQ
  2. The terrorist responsible for 911 are Al-Queda NOT Iraq’s President
  3. The uranium of Iraq was NOT weapons grade
  4. According to the International Courts, the uranium was legal to possess(however Bush went against them and started his war)


And speaking of the war Bush claimed about two years ago the war was a success AND OVER.  Yet go and research as to how many of our children have died since then. Kim Clement’s ‘prophecies” are so broad. There is even one where he attempts to explain away because it never came to pass.  So he says well it could mean this or it could mean that, LOL. and the sheep continue to get fleeced. The ones that do come to pass are so obvious a blind man could have seen these events coming.


    In repsonse to the crashing economy, he now claims God told him it’s only for a short time. This is in total contradiction to Bush’s prayers and a Man after God’s own.  The economy with the 2nd. election of George Bush was supposed to great and bring HONOR. This dude is a clown!! Link below to see his revision of prophecy….


Dear Warriors,

    I would like to take a moment to encourage you in regards to the present economic crisis.


Be careful my people

Bethany’s Black Congregation Pt.2 Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

Peace In The Name of Christ Jesus Who Reveals The Deceptions of Men:



     It seems the more and more I read and re-read the blogs of Bethany’s leaders and interview members of their congregations, the more my heart aches at the obvious prejudice coming forth. George W. Bush was likewise hailed as a mighty Christian(Methodist) and as we have seen he was a total embarassment. The man even stocked the shelves of The Lifeway Christian Bookstore by the Bluebonnet Mall.  LIFEWAY Christian Bookstore even carries not ONE BUT TWO of Sarah Palin’s books

  1. Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Country
  2. Sarah: How A Hockey Mom Turned The Political Establishment Upside Down


The employees looked at me like I was nuts for asking if they had any Obama books since they had Bush’s AND Sarah Palin’s books. After questioning two of the cashiers as to why they replied, “ISN’T HE A MUSLIM?”. What??!! 

Seeing how Bush clearly screwed up America, how can we say he was sent by God?! His election to office stings the Black community so much THE CHURCH SHOULD REPENT for endorsing him. They got him elected!! Do we hear of BETHANY repenting for endorsing such a leader?! Nope!! They want to continue with the same old Bush-Doctrine.  

     To show how Bethany continues to deceive people. MARK AND CONNIE WILLIAMS commented to Joel’s blog about Sarah Palin being Spirit Filled and endorsed by Prophecy(via Kim Clement) stated:


In Hebrew, Sarah means ‘noble woman’ (Strong’s 8283).

In Greek, the word Palin means ‘renewal.’ (Strong’s 3825).

She indeed is a noble woman who will bring renewal to this country. A desperate need indeed for the poor state of our nation when folks don’t care about what’s on the heart of the Father. They just care about their agenda being promoted.


     First, there are some half truths in the above comment. Sarah indeed means a noble woman, i.e., a princess. Why because the biblical Sarah(Gen.17:16) would have Kings(children) come forth from her. However a noble woman or an annointed princess:


  1. Would know Africa was a continent
  2. Wouldn’t spend $150,000.00 of donations on clothes in only 2months with a suffering economy
  3. Wouldn’t lie about reading economy magazines and couldn’t name ONE!
  4. Wouldn’t end up with a pregnant unwed teen!!
  5. Would’ve won the election if it were really GOD’s will


     The leaders at Bethany should remove the BEAM from Sarah Palin’s eyes before they dwell on the splinters in Barack’s eye.  



 Futhermore, Mark and Connie Williams are stating half the truth. The Greek word “PALIN” in fact means “RENEWAL” but that’s not the whole dictionary entry!! It means “renewal or REPETITION of action”. Click here to see the dictionary entries and start with Matthew to see how it’s used. The word “PALIN” is renewing what has been done NOT destroying the old and starting freshSort of like Sarah Palin REPEATING THE ACTIONS OF BUSH. Repeating the same lack of knowledge. Repeating the same old lies!! Renewing Bush’s policies, starting again.



THE SECOND LIE is posted by “JOSH O” where he quotes John 4:14 and lies about the greek behind the words “SPRINGING UP” meaning “PALIN” in the original greek. Brothers and Sisters click here and check their claims and stop ignoring the warning signs that they ARE DECEIVING YOU!! The greek word PALIN is nowhere in John 4:14. These people know you either don’t have the means to check or you trust them so much, you wouldn’t dare test what they say.  Thayer’s and Smith’s Greek Lexicon states that the word translated as “springing” is the original Greek word ALLOMAI(Strongs#242) which means to leap or gush up; it depends on the context.  Again, My Brothers and Sisters you have to examine what these people say!!


     As the responder “The Undeniable Truth Speaking” stated on Oct.05,2008

We have had EIGHT YEARS of a very conservative president, and six years of a conservative congress, and now after Justice Alito and Roberts, a conservative Supreme Court. But, abortion and gay marriage are STILL LEGAL. Sarah Palin does not have a clue on how to explain almost anything but energy and being “mavericks.” She cannot control her own children, nevertheless the USA.
Sarah Palin did pass legislation in Alaska giving SAME-SEX COUPLES THE SAME RIGHTS AS MARRIED HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES adding to the very few states that allows this.



Furthermore, as a surname, Palin has a much different meaning as noted by ANCESTRY.COM


palin Name Meaning and History

  1. Welsh: Anglicized form of the Welsh patronymic ap Heilyn ‘son of Heilyn’, which is probably a derivative of a word meaning ‘to serve at table’.
  2. English: habitational name from Palling in Norfolk or Poling in Sussex. These were named in Old English with the personal names Pælli and Pal respectively, + -ingas ‘followers of’, ‘dependants of’.
  3. French: unexplained.

Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4


I will be the first to admit that Obama isn’t perfect, only Christ. What disturbs me is the over-and-beyond endorsements and courtesy that McCain and Palin received from the leaders of Bethany. In their Pre-election Posts the calls for prayer that God would lead her in the right direction(WHY NOT BARACK OBAMA?) and how she is a Christian(WHY NOT BARACK OBAMA?), Joel, why can’t Barack Obama’s family represent America? Is it because they don’t look like yours?!

 Please Brothers and Sisters don’t ignore the deception of Bethany(House of Misery). God has showed you too many warning signs. How long will you sit and pray inside of a burning house before you finally take in all of the signs God is sending and GET OUT!!! Stop being complacement! Stop igoring the warning signs! It reminds me of the parable about the man stuck in the Hurricane’s flood waters:


     There was once a man who lived in the city of New Orleans. He was watching the news and heard about the “mother of all storms” heading his way. He replied, “I claim safety, all I need to do is pray”. As the storm drew closer and grew bigger he replied, “I stand on the word and pray for safety”. As the Hurrican hit land and the flood waters began to rise. The man steadfast in his faith replied, “I claim safety in Jesus name”. A police officer began pounding on his door, “Get out, I can still drive you to safety”. The main replied, “I’m waiting on Jesus to save me, that’s why we pray, things will change, I claim it”.

     The waters, without warning, caused the man to retreat to his rooftop. The U.S. Coastguard flew over his home and sent down a basket for the man to enter. He shoved it away and claimed, “I claim safety and will wait on God to change things”. Needless to say the waters rose too high and the man drowned.

     Upon entering heaven and standing face to face with Christ(blessed be he), the man asked, “Master, I stood in faith and prayed continually for things to get better but you LET ME DROWN!! Why didn’t you save me??!!

     Christ repsonded, who do you think sent the Deputy, Coastguard, and forecast warnings!! The man’s head sunk into his chest in shame.


     How long will you sit in Bethany and ignore the warning signs?!

Seeing how I don’t endorse TBN, due to it’s corrupt priesthood and failed prophecies, I had no idea who Kim Clement was. A simple search revealed several CHRISTIAN ministries WARNING Christians of this false prophet.