Palin/McCain Campaign Portray Obama As AntiChrist Wednesday, Apr 8 2009 



     Well, it doesn’t amaze me about this one. During the campaign there was a lot of talk about President Obama being the possible Anti-Christ among white Christians. The source was difficult to determine since it was so widespread. However, it’s now been located to a Media Director within the Palin/McCain campaign.  Time Magazine has the article, “AN ANTICHRIST OBAMA IN McCAIN AD?”, click here. I like the question they asked because you start with a thought and examine the evidence.


Even URBANLEGENDS.COM investigated this claim, click here.


“Barack Obama, the Antichrist? This would have to count as the ultimate political smear. I mean, accusing a politician of accepting bribes or cheating on taxes is one thing; naming him as the “Seven-Headed Beast of Revelation” (a.k.a. “the Wicked One,” “False Prophet,” and “Beast from the Abyss”) is candidate bashing on an apocalyptic scale.”


     It just continues to amaze me of the bigotry and hypocrisy of the leaders at Bethany.COM. As they bashed and lashed out at Pres.Barack Obama and praised their “annointed” Princess Palin’s campaign which was confirmed by the false Prophet Kim Clement(LOL) they would have lashed out against this defamation of character! Here are some videos from Palin’s campaing where the racism comes to light:


McCain Palin Campaigners Say Obama Is A Monkey, Terrosist

I’m Democrat But I’m Not Voting For A Black Man (at 40second slot)

Las Vegas Palin Racist Rally

Children Calling Pres. Obama A Monkey and Tarzan.


Why didn’t Larry Stockstill or Joel speak on these negatives at the Palin/McCain Rallies? Nope, the concealed it and chose  to remove the splinters from The President’s eye.

We see the Stockstills’ Defenders  practicing the same tactics when they respond here! They hurl all kinds of adjectives, insults, and condemnations, YET NOTHING TO ACTUALLY SUPPORT THEIR STATEMENTS.  I guess is the guild of the gullible,i.e., the subordinates obey the Stockstill’s 20/20 Vision plan and their “Laws of Increase” while the Stockstills postpone NOTHING and actually brag about putting their kids through L.S.U., travels abroad, and shopping sprees for “phat threads” as Joel puts it.

A “black” Man or Oreo, Tim S.? Thursday, Mar 5 2009 

Peace Be Upon You In The Name Of Christ Jesus The Passover Lamb (not the Stockstill’s idol the EASTER BUNNY/EGG HUNTS),


I, Ovadyah, determined this respondent deserved his own post also. There are many Blacks who have made the exodus from out of The House Of Poverty(Bethany), yet there is a remnant who remains(eventhough Tim.S is really in Los Angeles,Ca. not La.). They remain despite the supporting evidence that GOD gives them that they SHOULD LEAVE!! I will present Tim S.’s post in bold text and respond accordingly.


<strong> You obviously do not know the Stockstills personally. I am a BLACK man and the Stockstill’s church itself represents a standard and example for racial integration world wide. Get the facts. The Bible says that, “Man sees the outward appearance, but God sees the heart.” Let’s try to be a little more Godlike. </strong>


Oreos-Black Skin Double Stuffed With White

Oreos-Black Skin Double Stuffed With White


     Dear Tim S., I never claim to have known them personally. Thanks for clarifying that and I would like to support that fact. This website is not a personal attack on the Stockstills but an expose’ on their doctrine. You will not find me attacking them personally(i.e., making claims without evidence) because that’s not the intention. This is what the defenders of The Stockstill’s do when they respond to my posts. They attack me as a “Liar, word twister, bitter, etc.” without supporting evidence. If we don’t give supporting evidence to our statement they become “defamation of character” or “opinions”. This usually happens when people respond emotionally instead of logically. I’m attacking their bias with evidence that their subjects have yet to refute.


So, what particular statement is false?


Furthermore, I don’t have to know them personally to clearly see the double standard they present to Our now President Back Obama(as noted in my blog).  Joel constantly hailed Sarah Palin as a “Phenomenon(PART ONEPART TWO )” while hurling insults at our now President. Why didn’t he mention the short comings of the Palin family or even the McCain Campaign? Isn’t the possible election of a black man as President of the United States more of a “Phenomenon” than a dizzy Govenor from Alaska??!!


HE DOESN’T KNOW SARAH PALIN OR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA YET HE DOG’S ONE WHILE PRAISES THE OTHER!!! Yet, here you come defending Joel??!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say again. This is that clear doulbe standard!! You deify the Stockstills. Why didn’t you rebuke Joel when he “dogged out” President Obama with the same way you rebuked me??!! with….




Why didn’t you rebuke The Stockstills Mr. “Black Man”??!! Why the double standard??!! One for your white leader and one for your black people. You clearly have been taught well by your Masters, good boy. You really disappoint me. How could you? People who present this double standard like you are known in the black community as “OREOS”. You’re black on the outside and WHITE ON THE INSIDE. It shouldn’t suprise us, in this day and age we even have blacks who are official members of the Ku Klux Klan.


If You Ignore The Warning Signs, You're Discernment Will Embarrass You Before The World

If You Ignore The Warning Signs, You're Discernment Will Embarrass You Before The World


Instead of rebuking Joel, you attack the black folks who expose him; SAD, truly SAD!!  First, practice what you preach. Next, uphold justice and maintain ONE STANDARD FOR ALL NOT TWO  like Joel has taught you. I have yet to see anyone who defend the Stockstills practice what they preach to me. Yet, I know why….it’s because they don’t even believe in it. It’s just that they’ve been taught there are two standards, one for whites and another for blacks(mexicans, any non-white)!!

You paraphrased from the bible “Man sees the outward appearance, but God sees the heart”.


Again, why didn’t you rebuke Joel & Larry Stockstill with these verses??!! Why do you continue with the double standard??!! Why didn’t you rebuke them??!! LOL, you really have sold out haven’t you? You remind of the new G.O.P. Chairman Steele who was obviously pushed into that position. Chairman Steele(who is black) rebuked Rush Limbaugh(who is white) for shouting at the applause of other hateful whites at how he wants “Obama to fail”. Why did this black man do that??!! Rush Limbaugh shouted black at Chairman Steele with pure disrepect for defending Obama and what does Chairman Steel do? He apologizes to Rush Limbaugh, LOL and withdraws his defense for his brother Obama!! So you’re not the only puppet out there. Practice apologizing here so they can be proud of you. Oh that’s right Joel stated on his blog he’s not SEEKING APOLOGIES, LOL. Leave him alone, I’m sure he’s “hearing from GOD” again.

I’ve also notice when the whites wanted to rebuke Obama they sent another minority puppet to do it for them,i.e., Gov. Bobby Jindall, Chairman Steele, etc.. Goodness..y’all funny. I’ve notice also that Jonathan has FINALLY ADDED a black face to his advertising of his “Deluge Band”. Will minorities fall for it? Time will tell….

Furthermore, I’m not judging the outside of Larry Stockstill. I could care less how pale he is. You will not find a baseless attack on whites simply because their white. You will not find a double standard for whites and one for blacks. I’ve quoted and referenced THEIR DOCTRINE AND POLITICAL BLOGS. It’s a shame to see them using church funds to endorse Sarah Palin/John McCain’s campaign. Palin Phenomenon, LOL. I agree if this site were attacking Larry’s whiteness instead of his doctrine ONLY THEN WOULD YOUR PARAPHRASE MAKE SENSE.

You know whites have always put blacks like you in charge. In THE MOVIE “ROOTS” this REAL LIFE SLAVE was played by Louis Gossip Jr.(Fiddler, a mythical character) in the movie “ROOTS”. There was one set of rules for whites and another set of rules for black AND ANYTIME THE NEGRO STEPPED OUT OF LINE….there was FIDDLER & UNCLE TOM correcting them, while praising their superiors. Way too go, “brother”.

Peace To You Double Standard Tim.S.,