Bethany’s Encounter Pt.2-Slain In The Spirit Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 

Peace And Grace Upon You, I Pray That The Deceivers Have Not Seduced You From Your Local Churches and Now Have You In Their Grasp. I Pray For Your Safety And Discernment During Bethany’s “Encounters” And That Your Family Won’t Fall Prey To Their Cultic Isolations and Practices!




     Hank Hanergraaf of the Christian Research Institute has been sounding the alarm about this dangerous and unbiblical ritual when it appeared in the Pensacola/Brownsville Revival. As we have seen from Charisma Magazine, these cult leaders are a band of traveling con-artist. It’s sad to see Bethany has not only welcomed these men (Steve Hill, David Yonggi Cho,etc.) but have adopted their “weird practices” which Larry Stockstill claimed on his blog to abandon. This occultic ritual was popularized by Prosperity Televangelist Benny Hinn. Click here for one of many episodes.


     I highly recommend Hank Hanergraaf’s book, Counterfeit Revival, which has conducted extensive research about this travelling cult and it’s coercion tactics which are not only unbiblical but very dangerous!! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!!! Here is a sample from Chapter-19’s “SEVEN SCRIPTURAL PRETEXTS”


“Ex-Domincan priest Father Francis MacNutt not only creates credibility for the slain in the spirit phenomennon by pointing to QUAKERS and SHAKERS in past revivals, but he also points to movers and shakers in the present revival. In Overcome By The Spirit, he writes, ‘in Protestant revivals, as we have seen, many people trembled and shook. So, too, in our day, the shaking phenomenon occurs in John Wimber’s conferences’. MacNutt points out that at one time Wimber was a Quaker pastor and presumes that the “shaking phenmenon is part of John’s spiritual heritage”.

Wimber himself, HOWEVER, focuses on Scripture rather than on his spiritual heritage as a Quaker. In 1981 Wimber(the founder of the International Association of Vineyard Churches) preached a series of sermons titled “Spiritual Phenomena:SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT”.

In this series Wimber points out that “the model as we’ve seen it ministered out in the land” IS NOT FOUND IN SCRIPTURE: ‘There’s no place in the Bible where people were lined up and Jesus or Paul or anyone else went along and bapped them on the head and watched them go down, one after another, and somebody else ran along behind. Can you picture Peter and James-‘Hold it, Hold it, hold it!”- running along behind trying to catch them? And so the model that we’re seeing, either on stage or television, IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING THAT’S IN SCRIPTURE(john wimber, “spiritual phenomena: slain in the spirit-part 1, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Anaheim, Ca, 1981, audiotape).




     Remember how earlier we talked about how important it is to remain in context and proved successfully how Larry Stockstill practiced Eisegesis to get over-and-above donations from the naive(2Sam.24:24). Well, this former Quaker, John Wimber, practices the same flawed Hermeneutics. One of the Scriptures that John Wimber uses to have his disciples practice the occultic “Slain In The Spirit”  is Gen.2:21.


21 So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then he took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.


On the same audiotaped sermon(Wimber,Spiritual Phenomena: Slain in the Spirit-Part 1) Wimber insists that translators, who’ve never been “slain in the spirit” are incorrect for translating the hebrew word “YASHEN” in Gen.2:21 as “sleep” because it means to become slack.  Brothers and sisters this is the same type of eisegesis conducted by Connie Williams on Joel’s website about the etymology for Sarah Palin!

Two things should be noted;

  1. The hebrew YASHEN  is not in Gen.2:21
  2. YASHEN still means sleep not “slack” or “to become slack”


John Wimber’s deception for this occultic practice is based on lies!  Again, this is the same practice of Bethany. They don’t care what the context of the Chapter is as long as they verse has the right words to appear to support their practices. John Wimber at first told the truth and stated this ritual is not found in Scripture but when it’s popularity caught on, he isolated verses from their context to prove it is biblical. Since Christians didn’t test the ex-Quaker’s prooftext, he continued isolating verses to support his ritual of being “slain in the spirit”. The next six are:

  1. Abram FELL  on his face and God talked to him(Gen.17:3)


As Hank documents on Pg.186(Chapter-19, Slain In The Spirit, Seven Scriptural Pretexts) of how Wimber claims the original hebrew in Gen.17:3 for FELL is actually RADAM but it was actually NAPHAL and knowing a good interpreter sticks with the context, Hank elucidates “Furthermore, the Almighty did not cause Abraham to fall through a blow that stupefied and knocked him senseless, rather Abraham fell of his own accord in response to the Majesty of the Almighty. FINALLY, AS HE DID WITH ADAM, WIMBER INTERPRETS SCRIPTURE IN LIGHT EXPERIENCE RATHER THAN INTERPRETING EXPERIENCE IN LIGHT OF SCRIPTURE”. It should also be noted brothers and sisters that the ENEMIES of God fall backwards as opposed to falling forward like the friends of God do in the Holy Bible.  

Since you can see the abuse of context I’ll simply list the other pre-texts and let you continue studying on your own.


2.Acts 10:9-10

3.Acts 9:3-4


5.John 18:6


Remember context is very important to honest interpretation. Isolating sentences from the chapters can be made to say ANYTHING and back up ANY RITUAL.  I’ll leave you with a quote from the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements(Pg. 790-791):


“An entire battalion of Scripture proof texts is enlisted to support the legitacy of the phenomenon, ALTHOUGH SCRIPTURE OFFERS NO SUPPORT for the phenomenon AS SOMETHING TO BE EXPECTED IN THE NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE….From an experiential standpoint it is unquestionable that through the centuries Christians have experienced a psycho-physical phenomenon in which people fall down; morever, they have attributed the experience to God. It is equally questionable that there is NO BIBLICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE EXPERIENCE as normative in Christian life. ”


      Again, I sincerely pray for your safety. I sincerely ask You Father that these who seek your presence will realize the counterfeits they’ve been exposed to. I also pray ADONAI that Larry Stockstill will truthfully “come back to” sincerity and turn away from these occultic practices, Amen!

David Yonggi Cho Wednesday, Oct 1 2008 

     One of the originators of the “Prosperity Gospel”(A.K.A., Gospel of Greed, Name-it and Claim-it) and psuedo prophet behind the Brownesville Revival and Bethany’s Theology is Paul Yonggi Cho(formerly David).


     According to the Encyclopedia of Evangelism (Randall Balmer, 2004, Baylor University Press, Brownesville Revival,Pg.107):


“The Brownesville Revival can also lay claim to prophecy. Paul Yonggi Cho claimed that in course of praying for revival in America God prompted him to look at a map of the United States. His finger went to Pensacola, which is known as the ‘gay Rivera’ because of its general toleration of homosexuals. “I sensed the Lord say, I am going to send revival to the seaside city of Penscola, and it will spread like fire until all of America has been consumed by it”, Cho wrote in the foreword to Kilpatrick’s book, Feast of Fire.

An investigative report by the Pensacola News-Journal that same year(1997), however, revealed that some “converts” had been coached and that Hill (Steve Hill), one of the Pastors had significantly exaggerated his pre-conversion life in order to increase the “impact” of his autobiography, STONE COLD HEART.


     As we see, Paul/David Cho, claims to have “sensed” the voice of The Almighty to start to lead the way for massive revival in Pensacola, Florida. However, any small amount of research will show that the Revival not only came to nothing but was actually plagued with lies. Steve Hill claimed Congressman were attending and repenting and police officers were bringing inmates for conversion. All exposed by the investigative reporting from the Pensacola News-Journal as “exaggerated”. It should be noted that the Penscola News-Journal at first published favourable reports about the Brownesville Revival(A.K.A. Pensacola Outpouring) until they attempted to publish another favourable report only to be disappointed!!


     Pastor Larry Stockstill/Bethany’s Prosperity Theology can also be traced to David/Paul Yonggi Cho. It should be noted that Larry Stockstill does inform the reader that his book, THE LAW$ OF INCREA$E, is “not another name-it and claim-it” modus operandi. This is half true, His theology is actually built upon the name-it and claim-it doctrine. A concise version of Larry’s eisegesis and doctrine can be viewed in his 20/20 scam. Pastor Larry also proudly informs that he serves on Propeht Cho’s board in Seoul, Korea. As noted(The New International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, Stanley M. Burgess, Editor and Eduard M. Van Der Mass, Pg.521-522):


“Pastor Cho’s success formula is a combination of positive thinking and positive confession: “Think It, See It, Name It, Speak It in boldness(Kennedy,202)”. He teaches that through the power of the spoken word the Spirit-led believer can “create and release teh presence of Jesus Christ(Cho,81). He emphasizes being specific prayer:

One must visualize and specificy exactly what is needed, but is not an instant cure-all. Answers to prayers may take weeks or months”


     It’s no coincedence that Larry Stockstill and his family followed Cho’s advice and NAMED AND CLAIMED Amy Stockstill’s healing (See articl Claiming The Victory Precosously) which failed miserably!! This should be proof enough for Larry Stockstill to abandon Cho’s false doctrine. If there is one thing these Name-it and Claim-it televangelist should be admired for, it’s their ability to sneak in disclaimers. They wil will spend 99.9% of their time teaching you to “give over and beyond”, name-it and claim-it, blab-it and grab-it, dress like success, etc.” and yet when the naive get in a bind over this false doctrine, the disclaimer is pointed out:


  • You obviously don’t have enough faith
  • Put more money down on that blessing
  • Don’t let the devil steal your blessing
  • You’re time is coming(usually preached at the beginning of every year)
  • You’re going through a season


     All of this while they’re on vacation doing “Missionary work”, yeah…right, LOL!


     What is interesting is another doctrine usually found in the trick bag of these Televangelists. Again, they spend the majority of their time preaching prosperity, in particular money, and the only warning you get “…but is not an INSTANT cure-all”. Please note what the profit (pun intended) Cho is saying. He did not say, “Money isn’t a cure-all” he claims money isn’t an “INSTANT” cure-all.  He obviously disagrees with the Apostle Paul that money is the root of all sorts of evil! Cho backs up his money is not an “instant” cure-all with the exhortation, “Answers to prayers may take week or months”.

     The Holy Scriptures never teach us that money is a cure-all, whether instantly or not. Furthermore, when the disciples asked Christ to teach them to pray He specifically warned them afterwards(Mt.6):


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal.


     This whole chapter is an excellent recording on the specifi context of Christ’s teaching on prayer and wanting treasures. Christ warns His disciples that is what the “Hypocrites” and “Pagans” do(Mt.6:7). They go on and on and on, using their many words thinking they’ll be heard. This brings us to Profit Cho’s next teaching which contradicts Christ’s.


“He recommends that ministers in his church spend three hours daily in prayer(The New International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, Stanley M. Burgess Editor & Eduard M. Van Der Mass, Pg.521-522)


     The (K)ing (J)ames (V)ersion rendered the original greek word Battalogeo as “repitition”. Yet the academic dictionaries inform us it means to “babble, use many words(Kittel’s TDNT)”. So “repittion” should be understood as repeating words(many words) and not repeating a formula or repeating the same word over and over or the Dictioary of Biblical Semantics:


33.88 βατταλογέωa: to speak much or extensively, with a possible added implication of meaningless words—‘to use many words, to speak for a long time.’

Please brothers and sisters in Christ, don’t follow this false prophet’s teaching not matter how seductive it sounds. Test all things by Christ!  I’m out of time but more to come on Prophet Cho’s cell groups (sound familiar?) and and praying for the 3-BEAT BLESSINGS OF HEALT, WEALTH, AND SUCCESS.”.  Also, the claim of Bethany and the rest of these televangelist to be “neo-charismatics” or the third-wave movement. It’s ironic how members of their congregation have no idea their church is actually part of this movement and contradict their pastors by stating, “oh, our church is non-denominational”.