Dear Readers,

The New Orleans Bapist Seminary is hosting THE INSTITUTE FOR CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS in Jan.2010. I highly encourage you attend and take your bible study seriously. Stop falling for the Charismatics and their unbiblical rituals and get-rich scams. Even if you don’t attend I highly recommend you take the time to venture into Christian Apologetics and defend The Word of God as the true men/women of God did.

SERIOUSLY, you can’t beat this! Don’t get coerced by The Stockstills into attending The dubious Oral Roberts University.  Check out the links below(NOTE) they even offer online classes:



The Baptist Seminary has a Baton Rouge Branch. If you can’t attend the “Christian Apologetics” in New Orleans, try the branch in Baton Rouge. They have various classes. On Mondays they even have one on proper Biblical Interpretation. I highly recommend a study in BIBLICAL HERMENEUTICS so you won’t fall victim to these televangelist.