CNN) – Pat Robertson is “remarkably pleased” with President-elect Barack Obama, the conservative leader told CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux – and believes President Bush’s administration has not dealt with the nation’s economic crisis in a “professional manner.”

Click here for the rest of the story.


I guess you overseers at Bethany are really shocked. So now we have Rick Warren and Pat Robertson, two conservative Christians, who are pleased with Barack in comparison to ex-Pres’ Bush.

Bethany’s Encounter Pt.2-Slain In The Spirit Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 

Peace And Grace Upon You, I Pray That The Deceivers Have Not Seduced You From Your Local Churches and Now Have You In Their Grasp. I Pray For Your Safety And Discernment During Bethany’s “Encounters” And That Your Family Won’t Fall Prey To Their Cultic Isolations and Practices!




     Hank Hanergraaf of the Christian Research Institute has been sounding the alarm about this dangerous and unbiblical ritual when it appeared in the Pensacola/Brownsville Revival. As we have seen from Charisma Magazine, these cult leaders are a band of traveling con-artist. It’s sad to see Bethany has not only welcomed these men (Steve Hill, David Yonggi Cho,etc.) but have adopted their “weird practices” which Larry Stockstill claimed on his blog to abandon. This occultic ritual was popularized by Prosperity Televangelist Benny Hinn. Click here for one of many episodes.


     I highly recommend Hank Hanergraaf’s book, Counterfeit Revival, which has conducted extensive research about this travelling cult and it’s coercion tactics which are not only unbiblical but very dangerous!! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!!! Here is a sample from Chapter-19’s “SEVEN SCRIPTURAL PRETEXTS”


“Ex-Domincan priest Father Francis MacNutt not only creates credibility for the slain in the spirit phenomennon by pointing to QUAKERS and SHAKERS in past revivals, but he also points to movers and shakers in the present revival. In Overcome By The Spirit, he writes, ‘in Protestant revivals, as we have seen, many people trembled and shook. So, too, in our day, the shaking phenomenon occurs in John Wimber’s conferences’. MacNutt points out that at one time Wimber was a Quaker pastor and presumes that the “shaking phenmenon is part of John’s spiritual heritage”.

Wimber himself, HOWEVER, focuses on Scripture rather than on his spiritual heritage as a Quaker. In 1981 Wimber(the founder of the International Association of Vineyard Churches) preached a series of sermons titled “Spiritual Phenomena:SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT”.

In this series Wimber points out that “the model as we’ve seen it ministered out in the land” IS NOT FOUND IN SCRIPTURE: ‘There’s no place in the Bible where people were lined up and Jesus or Paul or anyone else went along and bapped them on the head and watched them go down, one after another, and somebody else ran along behind. Can you picture Peter and James-‘Hold it, Hold it, hold it!”- running along behind trying to catch them? And so the model that we’re seeing, either on stage or television, IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING THAT’S IN SCRIPTURE(john wimber, “spiritual phenomena: slain in the spirit-part 1, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Anaheim, Ca, 1981, audiotape).




     Remember how earlier we talked about how important it is to remain in context and proved successfully how Larry Stockstill practiced Eisegesis to get over-and-above donations from the naive(2Sam.24:24). Well, this former Quaker, John Wimber, practices the same flawed Hermeneutics. One of the Scriptures that John Wimber uses to have his disciples practice the occultic “Slain In The Spirit”  is Gen.2:21.


21 So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then he took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.


On the same audiotaped sermon(Wimber,Spiritual Phenomena: Slain in the Spirit-Part 1) Wimber insists that translators, who’ve never been “slain in the spirit” are incorrect for translating the hebrew word “YASHEN” in Gen.2:21 as “sleep” because it means to become slack.  Brothers and sisters this is the same type of eisegesis conducted by Connie Williams on Joel’s website about the etymology for Sarah Palin!

Two things should be noted;

  1. The hebrew YASHEN  is not in Gen.2:21
  2. YASHEN still means sleep not “slack” or “to become slack”


John Wimber’s deception for this occultic practice is based on lies!  Again, this is the same practice of Bethany. They don’t care what the context of the Chapter is as long as they verse has the right words to appear to support their practices. John Wimber at first told the truth and stated this ritual is not found in Scripture but when it’s popularity caught on, he isolated verses from their context to prove it is biblical. Since Christians didn’t test the ex-Quaker’s prooftext, he continued isolating verses to support his ritual of being “slain in the spirit”. The next six are:

  1. Abram FELL  on his face and God talked to him(Gen.17:3)


As Hank documents on Pg.186(Chapter-19, Slain In The Spirit, Seven Scriptural Pretexts) of how Wimber claims the original hebrew in Gen.17:3 for FELL is actually RADAM but it was actually NAPHAL and knowing a good interpreter sticks with the context, Hank elucidates “Furthermore, the Almighty did not cause Abraham to fall through a blow that stupefied and knocked him senseless, rather Abraham fell of his own accord in response to the Majesty of the Almighty. FINALLY, AS HE DID WITH ADAM, WIMBER INTERPRETS SCRIPTURE IN LIGHT EXPERIENCE RATHER THAN INTERPRETING EXPERIENCE IN LIGHT OF SCRIPTURE”. It should also be noted brothers and sisters that the ENEMIES of God fall backwards as opposed to falling forward like the friends of God do in the Holy Bible.  

Since you can see the abuse of context I’ll simply list the other pre-texts and let you continue studying on your own.


2.Acts 10:9-10

3.Acts 9:3-4


5.John 18:6


Remember context is very important to honest interpretation. Isolating sentences from the chapters can be made to say ANYTHING and back up ANY RITUAL.  I’ll leave you with a quote from the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements(Pg. 790-791):


“An entire battalion of Scripture proof texts is enlisted to support the legitacy of the phenomenon, ALTHOUGH SCRIPTURE OFFERS NO SUPPORT for the phenomenon AS SOMETHING TO BE EXPECTED IN THE NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE….From an experiential standpoint it is unquestionable that through the centuries Christians have experienced a psycho-physical phenomenon in which people fall down; morever, they have attributed the experience to God. It is equally questionable that there is NO BIBLICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE EXPERIENCE as normative in Christian life. ”


      Again, I sincerely pray for your safety. I sincerely ask You Father that these who seek your presence will realize the counterfeits they’ve been exposed to. I also pray ADONAI that Larry Stockstill will truthfully “come back to” sincerity and turn away from these occultic practices, Amen!

Jordan Jopling of Bethany, LIAR, LIAR!! Monday, Dec 22 2008 

     Jordan Jopling , who works with Joel Stockstill’s 220U, has recently felt the need to respond personally to me,Ovadyah, to defend Gov. Sarah Palin and Joel Stockstill. I’ll place his entire response unedited and respond below it. As many of us have already seen, it’s done more damage than damage control. Oh, when will they learn!!  Jordan Jopling thinks we’re all ignorant not realizing that the modern day racist speak in “code words” and WAS RECENTLY UPHELD IN A COURT OF LAW AS ADMISSABLE EVIDENCE.





You are seriously mixing up facts.

1) Joel Stockstill never has been and is not a racist. Those that accuse him of this only expose themselves as not knowing him or his family AT ALL.

2) Sarah Palin is outspoken about her Christian faith (as is Obama). The reason that the Church in America is behind her is that her history confirms this. Unlike Barak Obama, she does attend a Spirit-filled church  and the people she is associated with in Alaska back up her Christian lifestyle.

3) The accusations about Palin’s knowledge of Africa came out AFTER the election, Fox News said they wished they would have known, and Palin denied the accusations. All of this is on the video you link to, so please watch closely.

4) The Kim Clement prophecy you and Pastor Joel refers to does in fact claim that a vice presidential CANDIDATE…would shake things up. Did that not happen with Palin. Seems like the prophecy was fulfilled. Again, your own link supports this.

…would shake things up. Did that not happen with Palin. Seems like the prophecy was fulfilled. Again, your own link supports this.

5) Last, but most importantly: Pastor Joel went to West Palm Beach during the hurricane because he has kidney failure and must be on dialysis 3 times a week. Baton Rouge was without power for a week in most areas. He has a friend that lives there and stayed with them.

Please look at things objectively. When you interpret things based on a conclusion that you want, you will never see truth. You’re hurting yourself and everyone you lie to about these things.



Peace And Grace To You Jordan Jopling,

                                                           Upon reading your entire e-mail I was reminded of how Sen.John McCain(R) had to constantly remove Gov.Sarah Palin’s foot from her mouth when she attempted to conduct interviews without supervision.  She attempted to be a big girl and turned into a big embarassment for women across America and Sen.John’s campaign. As a result, John McCain felt the need to start sitting-in these interviews and interjecting before Sarah could further embarrass the Republican Campaign and cause Republicans to start jumping-ship and making an exodus towards PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA.


     In other words, You’re Joel Stockstill’s John McCain and Joel is of course your Sarah Palin, constantly putting his foot in his mouth and embarrassing his father’s Campaigns. Bethany now sees an exodous of their biggest financial supporters(African-americans) returning to their own churches from which Bethany seduced them from. I will respond to your claims in the same order as you numbered them. But first realize, that we’re not ignorant we know the racist CODE WORDS.  Even the courts of law recognize that the new racist speak in code.  Haven’t you seen the code that the N.Y. Time spoke in when they were clearly calling President Obama a monkey in their cartoon!?





1.)You claim that Joel Stockstill is not a racist yet he never extended the same courtesy and praise to PRESIDENT-ELECT Barack Obama which he blindly gave to Sarah Palin. Joel Stockstill emulates the new racist. They provide one standard for whites and another standard for African-Americans. Joel NEVER gave us any negative concerns about Sarah Palin; Joel never exposed Sarah Palin’s questionable company but never had a problem with whipping the backs of the black folks(Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey) with his berating tongue who supported PRESIDENT-ELECT Barack Obama.Why not do the same with the questionable folks who supported Palin and McCain?! This is the same characteristics of the new racists,i.e., a double standard for blacks.  We fell for those tactics with Bush and Govenor Foster but NO MORE, AMEN!!  Bush is the biggest joke to ever land in the White House. If Joel’s not a racist he’s definitely adopted and simulated their behavior during THIS presidential campaign. Walk like a duck, talk like a duck, he’s a duck. Oh yeah, I’ve noticed all of the rewriting Joel has been doing to his blog entries. Will this fool the black majority? Probally, sad but probally. I know of many who deify the Stockstills.

Remember when Tiger Woods entered golf and the racist comment made by his colleage. The other whites came to his defense and stated the same thing your’re saying, “You just have to know him, he’s not a racist”. It seems everytime a white gets caught in such a bind their “brothers” come with the exact same defense, “You’ve got to to know him”. We minorities know that double standard!! We know the code words!! We know the berating words!! We know when LSU hangs that REBEL FLAG, they’re racist!! Depsite folks stating, “You just don’t understand us” or “it shows you just don’t know us”, we are just expressing southern pride. These are the signs/symptoms you ignore. I don’t blame you for your ignorance. Everyday minorities encounter certain phrases and quips by whites that set off alarms in their heads. It’s not until they get home from work that they call their fellow and state, “You won’t believe what so-and-so said today” and when it gets out…here comes that white guy with, “You just have to understand so-and-so he’s just old-school or you just gotta know him”. It makes us sick!!


Another example is his dad’s, Larry Stockstill’s blog entry about “THIS PRESIDENT “is another sign/symptom. Larry calls President Obama, “THIS PRESIDENT….”  AND NOT  “Our President” but a demeaning “THIS PRESIDENT“.We know YOU and we know JOEL. “THIS PRESIDENT”??!! At Southern University and black churches that statement says a lot and is similar to the other racist in Louisiana. Larry has claims in his blog maybe racial strife is coming to an end??!! Obviously not Bethany! He claims many whites voted for President Barack and claims to have rejoiced over this as proof that racism is coming to an end. WOW…Now he wants to praise President Barack, LOL! It was clear during the campaigns who He was voting for and it’s clear from his description of PRESIDENT BARACK as “THIS PRESIDENT” and not “OUR PRESIDENT” that shows his concealed prejudice, it just kills Larry Stockstill to say, “OUR PRESIDENT”.

There have been many half-truths about whites voting for Pres. Barack. Yes, many voted for this black man, however, THE MAJORITY DID NOT!! Despite the record breaking number of Black registrered voters, the white vote won Louisiana for McCain and Palin. What side was Joel on? The majority of black folks in his church or did he stick with his skin clan? It’s amazing how this white kid is leading our black elders.


  • How did they get so seduced from their churches??!!
  • How did our black leaders give up their STRUGGLE for freedom from white authority and later submit to white authority(Stockstills)??!!
  • How did Bethany trick our elders not to support President Barack??!!
  • How did our small family churches become empty and the Stockstills’ fill up?
  • How did our people abandon their historical civil rights churches for the Stockstill’s authority??!!
  • How did we stop supporting historic churches for new-age occultic experiences??!!
  • How did we become embarassed of our roots??!!




       It’s important to examine what Larry says about the racial divide. He made the claim that whites voting for Barack is proof that racial tension is healing. So would it not be logical that those who didn’t vote for Barack prove just the opposite? So with that in mind….


It’s clear the whites at Bethany who didn’t give President Barack their vote are not part of Larry Stockstill’s proof that whites voting for Pres. Barack shows racial healing. I would agree with Larry Stockstill that whites voting for a black President shows that some are healing that racial divide and are fulfilling Martin Luther’s dream that they didn’t see the color of his skin. It also brought out what was hidden under Bethany’s skin. Yes, Larry Stockstill is attempting to praise Pres. Barack ,NOW, BUT DID EVERYTHING IN HIS STRENGTH DURING THE ELECTION(with Joel’s support) TO ENSURE BARACK WOULD NOT BECOME OUR PRESIDENT. But now that his man lost and Joel’s black congregation is disgruntled about their comments, the Stockstill’s are attempting to seduce them back under THEIR authority and keep their fore-fathers churches empty.


     Furthermore, to elucidate how the WHITES OF LOUISIANA voted I guide you to the research by New Orleans Newspaper, The Times Picayune.  Even without their research it was clear that LOUISIANA WHITES WERE NOT GOING TO SUBMIT TO A BLACK PRESIDENT, yet blacks elders submit to a white kid(Joel Stockstill).  The article is archived at click here to access it, it also contains a visual map of the breakdown. Again, which side was Joel on. Here is a concise quote of their research:



“However, while Obama was improving on Kerry’s performance in most states — including such critical battlegrounds as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and North Carolina — he did worse than Kerry among white voters in a handful of states — ESPECIALLY Alabama, Mississippi and LOUISIANA.”




“They[LOUISIANA, ALAMBAMA,MISSISSIPPI] are moving contrary to the rest of the country,” said Bositis, who said Obama’s race — and the historic pattern of racially polarized voting in these states — seemed the most obvious reason.”



2.)Gov.Sarah Palin wasn’t outspoken about her Christian faith, she constantly referred to herself as a “MAVERICK”, I rarely heard Jesus or Scriputre or Praying and turned her campaigns to small white towns as the “real americans”. Furthermore the “Church of America” was not behind Sarah Palin, it was the WHITE CHURCH that was behind Sarah Palin,. 


     There goes that double standard again, you stated unlike Barack Obama’s Church Sarah Palin’s is “Spirit-Filled”. If a church doesn’t have the Holy Spirit then it’s logical to conclude it isn’t Christian; You can’t be saved unless you’re Spirit-Filled. What a judgement you’ve made against our President!! I’ve seen the hostile whites at McCain’s campaigns, even Sen. John. McCain had to ease white voters because they scaring off a lot of minority voters. Yet, nobody at Bethany’s blogs pointed out those white-pride Christians! Nobody at Bethany rebuked Palin for her shopping spree of $150,000.00 during a terrible economy. That didn’t show good stewardship. Why the double standard??!!

We know that our church leaders prayed over President Barack.  So I guess these blacks elders fall under your double standard of not being “Spirit-Filled”. It’s a beautiful picture of blacks not falling prey to white intimidation. I feel sorry for the blacks in Bethany’s 220SU. Brothers and Sisters view the pic’ in the link below, my family actually placed this above our fireplace encased with the American Flag. I know JORDAN JOPLING  how you feel about the black church. You clearly stated it above(#2)Unlike Barak Obama, she does attend a Spirit-filled church”.





3.)O.K. there’s not much too say about Number-3….OF COURSE Gov. Palin is going to deny it. She also claim that she read many magazines on the economy and couldn’t name one. She responded to Katie Kouric with “Oooh I read the ones put before me“, “Oooh I read lot’s of em”, LOL!! Again, not much to say about her truthfulness. That was hillarious. What a Spirit-filled woman! She was spirit-filled(not Holy Spirit) and spoke with lying tongues.



4.)Sarah Palin didn’t shake things up!! Not unless you mean she shook things up so hard their campaign deteriorated and caused Republicans to vote for Pres. Barack(Gen.C.Powell and Armstrong Williams)Yeah in that case she shook things up allright! Plus, anyone can make vague prophecies like that and they do, it’s big business cause their are so many gullible customers. However, my definition of shaking things up would’ve been a win not a huge loss!! Even John McCain says he sees more qualified people than Sarah Palin who he hill support for the 2012 Presidency. If she was part of Prophecy it’s definitely not the one by Kim Clement. Gov. Sarah was a panicked reaction when the whites saw President Barack had a chance to win even without Hillary Clinton as Vice President. Furthermore, not one Stockstill blogged, revealed, or rebuked Sarah Palin’s daughter(Bristol Palin) for SEX OUT OF MARRIAGE and a BABY OUT OF WEDLOCK!! Instead they continued focusing on Barack Obama! Bristol Palin gave birth to her child AND STILL REMAINS UNMARRIED!! What bias you and the Stockstills have!



5.)You’re definitely doing damage control on this one, LOL. Nowhere in his post does JOEL STOCKSTILL even hint that he had to travel to one of the most expensive and richer city in the U.S. FOR “DIALYSIS” or that he stayed with a friend in West Palm Beach. In his blog entry he clearly states it was “Hot and sticky” in Baton Rouge and when he arrived in West Palm Beach it was nice to get “A.C.” Or in his own words….





     If his dialysis treatments were that effected, he sure didn’t complain about it or seek treatment in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, or the very close pan-handle of Florida. I’m sure there were no immediate areas for this Prosperity Preacher but “West Palm Beach” where the average single family home in 2007 was $396,000.00. For someone who constantly blogs about his health he definitely didn’t this time. In his words, “NOTHING WORSE THAN NO AC!”.


     Futhermore, I know people who are treated at the same facility(one is a family member who needs to stop smoking, yeah I went there on ya, LOL) and they were directed to alternate sites that were IMMEDIATELY restored. On top of that, anyone listening to the news knows that even the surrounding neighborhoods of hospitals recieved electricity. I’m also sure none of the surrounding parishes were able to take him. It’s ironic how my family member who receives the same number of treatments per week was able to remain in Louisiana and get treatment. I’m going to interview more patients and see how far they had to travel, I’m sure they couldn’t travel to West Palm Beach.


     Finally, he makes no mention of thanks to his “friend in West Palm Beach” for allowing him to stay in their West Palm Beach House. HOWEVER, he does state that some friends came down to visit him and join in the $hopping $pree$!! It would make more sense to thank his “friend” in West Palm Beach for allowing him to stay at his house. If he stayed with his friends in Orlando, Joel wouldn’t have said they “came down” to visit him and join in the $hopping $pree$. These friends had to travel from Orlando to West Palm Beach which is approximately 170.97 MILES which is about 2HOURS AND 42 MINUTES. Yeah but he stayed with them, SHAME ON YOU JORDAN!! Like my momma says, “TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL”.


“Today I had the opportunity to hang out with my good friends Jonathan and Christina Miller, who came down from Orlando. We preceded to hit EVERY MALL IN THE AREA and do some major damage of our own!”


     Hmmmm, sound like they were visiting his AC not vice-versa. But keep attempting to clean up behind your Sarah Palin everytime he puts his foot in his mouth! From the above evidence you clearly need to learn objectivity and stop with the damage control. Just repent and move on. Sarah Palin failed, Joel hated being without AC, and Obama is OUR President. I know it disgusts you to see that black face in a high place AND I LOVE IT!! HOW DID IT HAPPEN, huh?! Too bad FOR YOU America isn’t like THE WHITE DIXIE SOUTH!! Amen.

 And yes, I already know what Bethany is going to do to keep their biggest financial contributors(African Americans). They will promote  more black faces in high places(teachers, front pew with more black folks). The sad thing those black faces are not from black places. I’ve read their profiles they didn’t grow in black neighborhoods or went to black schools (high school or college). They’ve allowed the Stockstills to assimilate their culture.

***Please note I will interview my family member and staff at that dialysis center to get exact details concerning Gustav’s effects on their patients. But even without it, we’ve seen you’re Maverick cleanup. Again, I’m sure the other Parishes didn’t have dialysis centers or the surrounding states. It’s ironic how my family member was able to receive treatment here and didn’t have the access to church’s money for travel. I’ve also noticed Joel has added/edited his Palin Part2 blog, LOL. Feeling the heat huh?

Pastor Rick Warren Teams Up With Pres. Obama Not Joel’s Annointed Palin Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

Peace Be Upon You In The Name of Christ Jesus


     Wow, what a statement President-elect Barack Obama has made. Despite what the many McCain/Palin Supporters at Bethany  have said about Barack Obama, Barack shuts them up by uniting with Rick Warren. At the same time he’s angered many homosexuals and liberals. This says a lot to me about his balanced approached to uphold the U.S. Constitution and his Christian conviction. Again, I don’t deify Barack, ONLY CHRIST MY SAVIOR, Amen!  But I have to give him credit. I’m just amazed at how he continues to reach out to people he doesn’t agree with and/or folks who didn’t vote for him.


Rick Warren, "The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. "

Rick Warren, "The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. " Rick Warren's response to Christians who rebuked him for praying for Pres. Obama.



     As noted in the above pic’s caption. Rick Warren  is catching insults and upsetting our so called Christian Conservatives for agreeing to pray with and for Obama.  As we have seen with The Stockstill’s, it suprised us to see how immature and predjudice some Christians can be.  They not only campaigned for Sarah Palin but rebuked those who didn’t agree she was  an “Annointed Phenomenon”.  It continues to sadden me as I’m meeting more whites who continue to voice their disgust and even claim we shouldn’t have a President with the name “BARACK”(You know who you are). It reminds me of the foolishness that Fox News put into people heads like Joel Stockstill who constantly quoted Fox. Rick Warren was suprised like us:


“The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. “




     Do you think  the Republicans would have reached out to those who didn’t vote for their party or seek to assist them? It’s a shame that even folks in other countries can not find an ounce of respect for Bush and hurl the lowest parts of their clothing(shoes) at our President  and calls him a dog. We know from ancient times a “DOG” is an unclean animal. Total disrespect.


  1. Mt. 7:6-Give not that which is holy unto the dogs.
  2. Php. 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision
  3. Rev. 22:15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral


     I mean really, he’s not even their President and they can’t stand him. Even when I was on vacation in Central America people would ask, “What’s the deal with your president[Bush]?”. 


     We have to remember that Our President has to uphold the U.S. Constitution and represent us to the World.  This is why Presidents like Bush who claimed they were against gay agendas and abortion never changed a thing. We elected them and found our families were helped but the rich got richer. It’s politics not church. Bobby Jindal is a Catholic but Protestants and Country Charismatics will vote for him because he’s Republican. It’s amazing how Televangelist like Larry Stockstill tell their followers not to vote for a party yet that’s just what they do.


Wow, a whole shoe!!


The Suspected Post. Can Anyone Verify? Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

Peace Be Upon The Sheep of Messiah Yeshua:


I received another supposedly copy of  Joel Stockstill’s suspected post. It’s slightly different from what I was given about three weeks ago. I received this copy from the username “Renee R”. I’ve attempted to contact Renee R for further investigation but the YAHOO.COM e-mail account was undeliverable. Joel’s original posting will be in bold with my response in plain text. This post was submitted to Ovadyah on December 09, 2008 @ 3:44p.m.


Updated–May 29, 2009.

Well, it looks like The Stockstills have successfully abolished Joel’s post into never-never land. The link given did go to a blank page on Joel’s website which re-directs you to a post by his daddy doing damage control. So, that Email you guys are circulating is the only evidence that it existed. If you look at the I.P. Addresses on it you can follow it back to Joel.

I couldn’t help but laugh though. Joel was obviously campaigning for the McCain/Palin Camp as seen in his blogs “Palin Phenomenon” Pt.1 and 2. and when that failed to convinced his black disciples he blames them for being “divisive” and being involved in politics, LOL!! How do y’all stand for that, LOL.

Bethany’s Encounter Pt.1(Forget The Sabbath) Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

Peace and Grace to you in the name of Christ Jesus

     How many of you have attended Bethany’s Enounter and were led to take upon your self the vows of the ten commandments? I did and I’m still repenting for being led astray to their editing of God’s Law. A red flag and alarm bells went off in my mind when we approached the FOURTH COMMANDMENT :


 8 “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. 9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates. 11 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.(Ex.20:8)



     However, when the “cell leaders” quoted the Sabbath Commandment it was like this:


“Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy…. If you can’t give just one day to God something is wrong. So every Sun-day[1st. Day] you need to be in church giving praise to God”.




     Next we responded by saying the Amens, blessings, and curses found at Deuteronomy 27 -28. Deuteronomy 28:15 says that if we go astray from the laws of ADONAI we will be placed under a curse. It’s also ironic that Bethany in original Hebrew means (House of Misery/Poverty).


The problem: BETHANY WORLD PRAYER CENTER changed the fourth commandment to say we will honor the 1st. Day and set it apart as a Holy Convocation  and completely abandon the day ADONAI told us to keep AND TO WHICH WE VOWED TO KEEP. The word keep in the original language, shamar, literally means to KEEP AS IN PROTECT.  ADONAI instructed those who accepted these vows to PROMISE that we would PROTECT (DT.5:12) THIS DAY AS HOLY (EX.20:8). Those who changed ADONAI’S laws and appointed time(s) have violated this covenant and we know what the wages of sin is, death. This is the longest of the ten commandments yet the Stockstills are so bold that they don’t even have the decency to keep it as a whole sentence and render it a fragment.


     ADONAI warns us further about mankind editing his laws as noted at Dt.4:2


     You shall not add  to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.


     Christ backs up his Father about editing The Laws of God, MT.5:17-19:


Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.






I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.






Anyone who LOOSENS one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.







     Christ’s instructions shows him to be the TRUE CHRIST and NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST, AMEN!! The Prophet Daniel warns us about the Anti-Christ and his regard for ADONAI’S Laws.  Prophet Daniel states his role in the last days,i.e., the Anti-Christ will seek to change God’s Laws and appointed times.

“He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time. DAN.7:25)”


With all of these warnings about changing ADONAI’S laws, taking upon ourselves the blessings/curses with the AMENS, and changing GOD’s times and Laws, What do we deserve if we continue in this way? I’ll tell you………….. IT’S A HOUSE OF MISERY(BETHANY).




Dear Subscribers Peace and Grace Be Upon You,


     It appears that Sen. John McCain has shown that his joining with Sarah Palin wasn’t an annointing as the Stockstill’s attempt to portray. In an interview on ABC John McCain was asked if he would support Sarah Palin if she ran for president, in a very polite and indirect way he states NO!! This brings to mind all of the  preachers and prophets who claimed that Sarah Palin would rock the world with her annointing and how her teaming up with John McCain was God ordained. It was all a con to snatch Hillary Clinton’s voters. Now that Gov. Palin is of no use politically, John McCain has tossed the Stockstill’s annointed princess to the curb. John’s next scheme for Presidency? He’s looking for a minority. Now don’t get your hopes up, McCain isn’t looking for a black man, but one that might qualify, our Govenor Bobby Jindall. But to John’s sorrow, lastnight on WAFB Bobby Jindall stated after thinking about the matter he will have to turn old John down and stick with Louisiana.




     If the above is true and John McCain truly saw an annointed woman(AS THE STOCKSTILLS CLAIM) and a true leader, WHY wouldn’t he support her next attempt at running for the 2012 Presidential office? After the CNN article I’ll provide a direct link for your reading/reference.  The sentence provided reflects my inquiry mind:


McCain was pressed on why he can’t promise support for the woman who, just months ago, he named as the second best person to lead the nation.


Brothers and Sisters we already know that those opposed to President-elect Obama will stop at nothing to bring him down; all their attempts have failed. The latest is their attempt to link Barack Obama with the corrupt Govenor of Illinois. However, even John McCain is falling out of favor with his party because he’s not joining them in their obvious malicious intent!! In this same article McCain says,


McCain rejected complaints from the Republican National Committee that Obama has not been transparent about his contacts with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

“I think that the Obama campaign should and will give all information necessary,” McCain told ABC’s “This Week.”

“You know, in all due respect to the Republican National Committee and anybody — right now, I think we should try to be working constructively together, not only on an issue such as this, but on the economy, stimulus package, reforms that are necessary.”


     I don’t claim to be a prophet but I can assure you that the Republicans, unlike the Stockstills, know that what they call minorities are now the majority with authority. I can see how they will put forth a minority Republican nominee and give up presenting those phoney Christians.

Law$ of Increa$e Friday, Dec 12 2008 

Peace to you in the name of The Holy One, Christ Jesus…

     It seems that the old greedy Larry Stockstill remains despite his deceitful attempt to repent from false doctrines and wierd practices. If you travel to Larry Stockstill’s television stations’s website WLFT, you will see the promotion of his profit making doctrine, The Laws of Increase. It really shocked me because even the corrupt televangelist who practiced deceitful capital campaigns (Joyce Meyer so far) are turning away from these scams. I guess when you start losing donations from a majority of your congregation, you have to go back to what works….SELLING HOPE!! Preying instead of Praying!! Endorsing Profits instead of Prophets!!




     The author violates every basic reading comprehension rule there is. He redefines almost every biblical definition of Bible words to fit his obvious coveting. It should appaul even the teenager in middle school how Larry Stockstill deceitfully  supports his pretext. Have the naive at Bethany finally discovered the greatest protest is boycott?!  My biggest concern about re-advertising this book is….




     He goes on to give a lesson on witnessing to unbelievers from Scripture.  A gross abuse of  the Gospel of Luke chapter-5. Larry Stockstill obviously has no conscience. He claims that this chapter shows us how to witness to unbelievers and he uses the catchphrase “GET INTO THEIR BOAT” (Pg. 10, Laws of Increase, Larry Stockstill, Xulon Press) . The phrase “GET INTO THEIR BOAT” according to Larry Stockstill means nothing more than “HEY, CAN I GET TO KNOW YOU?” and supports his eisegesis with Luke Chapter-5. Larry Stockstill states he encountered an unbeliever from another country and never informed that person he was a Christian or Pastor. Is this what Christ did in Luke’s narrative?  Let’s see without isolating verses to fit any pretext:


  1. After teaching in Syngagogue and healing the crowds. The Galileans didn’t want Yeshua to leave them but he responded that “I MUST PREACH GOOD NEWS TO OTHER TOWNS AS WELL….that’s MY PURPOSE(Luke 4:43)”.
  2. After seeing the empty boats(V.2) he got into the boat and SAT DOWN AND TAUGHT THE PEOPLE (V.3) which backs up His statement above, ‘ I MUST PREACH THE GOOD NEWS TO OTHER TOWNS(4:43)’.
  3. Christ’s miracle along with his words caused Peter to immediately repent(Luke 5:8)
  4. Peter immediately became a disciple (Luke 5:10)
  5. They left EVERYTHING and FOLLOWED him (Lk.5:11)


Now Larry Stockstill’s version of witnessing:

  1. I didn’t tell them I was a pastor(Pg.11)
  2. I didn’t witness to them with words(Pg.11)
  3. I just sat down in their boat with them (Pg.11)
  4. I simply sacrificed a bit of time to be with them, to get to know them(Pg.12)
  5. Just get into their boat(Pg.12)


     Is that all Christ did? He didn’t witness to them? He didn’t preach? He didn’t cause repentance? He didn’t win a disicple? He merely became friends with people? He simply “sacrificed” time to get to know them? NO, GOD FORBID! Yeshua preached the goodnews without precondition. Christ did not wait months or weeks to get to know people and then slipped in the Good News. 

     Second, Larry Stockstill is quite prideful to suggest his model of lifestyle is what we should follow. I knew the naive deified him as an idol BUT TO PRAISE YOURSELF IS AN ABOMINATION!! Larry you are NOT the example, Christ alone(Blessed Be He).

     Oh my goodness! He goes on to apply JOHN  12:24 and 2Sam.24:24 which he again violates basic biblical hermeneutics and states these as examples of sacrificing. Again, not the biblical definition of Sacrifice but his capital and friendship witnessing versions. We’ve aleady become aware of the true CONTEXT of 2Sam.24:24.

     However, I must give credit where it’s due. He does correctly state that some people give with the expectation of giving which is not godly. We should give because we have found this giving to contribute to an annointed purpose (charity, homelessness, etc.). HOWEVER, this totally contradicts his purpose of writing that very book. He states his purpose is to show us how to get “increase”. In the context of the book it’s obviously an increase in capital/goods. Anyone who has REALLY read a contract that sounded to good to be true can see the deception. Many ads on T.V. promise you the world (weightloss, huge muscles, ripped abs, financial prosperity, etc.). Yet, when you read the “SMALL PRINT” you realise their hidden disclosure(results not typical, these statement have not been evaluated by the F.D.A., people shown are paid actors). It’s the same with Larry Stockstill’s promises. He knows the results won’t happen and his disclosure is DON’T EXPECT TO GET ANYTHING IN RETURN but at the same time I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET INCREASE.

     The way Larry Stockstill goes back and forth out of context is very confusing. He uses the original author’s words but could care less of the original author’s definition(s) behind those words or their immediate context.  This is why it’s important to study the original languages and biblical hermeneutics.  Larry Stockstill is an expert at appealing to human greed. Everytime I read his steps on how to get “INCREASE” he reminds us, the readers, not to expect it or follow these steps simply to get increase. Why even produce this book then? Why state the reason is to show us how to obtain “increase” when we’re not to really follow his steps for increase?! Confusing….

I just had to stop because it was so hard to follow,i.e., NON-SEQUITOR!! He isolates so many verses and superimposes so many semantics on “SACRIFICE” the reader is left believing that the original authors sometimes used the hebrew/greek words for sacrifice to mean merely “spend time with people don’t preach the gospel” to “give over and beyond sacrifice your family’s needs”. We can see from his international trips, His kids graduating college, musical lessons, Joel’s West Palm Beach  shopping spree, that Larry Stockstill’s claim he doesn’t want your money is a “PHONEY TESTIMONY”. He merely wants us to be rich, LOL…OMGoodness…


It’s the skin of  truth STUFFED WITH LIES!!