Rodney Howard Browne And Bethany Thursday, Jul 31 2008 

This article has been updated. I was unaware that the (C)hristian (R)esearch (I)nstitute updated their site and changed the links to their articles on Rodney Howard Browne and The Pensacola/Toronto Revivals. I couldn’t do better research on this Cult and scam artist so I’ll let Hank Hanegraaf’s research remain the source.


The C.R.I.’s journal is also on sale at Lifeway Bookstore and Books-A-Million near the Mall of Louisiana. Their latest research is a warning against the book called, “The Shack” where the author has God declaring on Pg. 182 that His son didn’t come to make anyone a Christian. I highly recommend it’s subscription.

Link to Rodney Howard Browne’s Cult:



Link in general to search results on all the articles on this cult:


The Christian Research Institute’s book “Counterfeit Revival” on this movement is a biblically based research on how these false prophets lead many away from the Churches into unbiblical rituals like “slain in the spirit” and how Bethany requires their Cell’ leaders to speak in tongues.


Just like Larry Stockstill’s book “Laws of Increase”, his teacher Rodney Howard Browne claims the death of Christ not only saves us from sin but also gives us riches . I have to give credit to Mr. Browne though because he’s not scared to place his TRUE BELIEFS in his doctrinal statements. On the other hand, when you read Bethany’s “what we believe” they only list a very very small generic list. They say nothing about what they believe on the following rituals that constantly take place at Bethany:


  1. Speaking In Tongues
  2. Slain In The Spirit
  3. Prosperity Gospel
  4. Won’t acknowledge Black History Month
  5. Teaching On Salvation By Works or Faith
  6. Christians Can Lose Their Salvation
  7. Christians Can Be Demon Possessed
  8. Generational Curses
  9. Endorsing Benny Hinn
  10. Endorsing The Toronto/Pensacola Blessing Cult
  11. Details About Their Real Conversion (Coercion) Process Called “Encounter”
  12. Members Aren’t Given Any Details About Bethany’s Finances Like Other Churches Do
  13. The Truth About Bethany Being A Denomination (Charismatic 3rd. Wave)


     They hide so much from the crowd. People attend this cult because their friends attend. It’s like the old Pyramid Scam relabled as a Cell Group.

Counterfeit Revivals of Steve Hill Wednesday, Jul 30 2008 



    Steve Hill (speaker at Bethany’s 220 power conference) is one of the main leaders of the “Pensacola Revival” who was caught in some serious lies! He has claimed that Congressman from the United States goverment have flocked to his revivals, cops have been bringing drug dealers, crime has decreased significantly, all due to his revivals. However, even the police have provided proof that Steve Hill’s claim that crime decreased IS A PURE LIE WITH NO BASIS! This same man has been approved by Larry Stockstill’s Bethany to prey on Christ’s sheep at their past conferences. Parents protect your youth!!


     The link below will bring the reader to an outstanding expose’ on lies and scams that Steve Hill has pulled on the naive Christians who seek experiences instead of truth. My prayer is that you equip yourself with God’s Word and protect your family from this dangerous teacher who is approved by Larry Stockstill!


     The reader will be directed to the (C)hristian (R)esearch (I)nstitute’s article entitled “The Counterfeit Revival (Part 3) Separating Fact From Fabrication On The Pensacola Outpouring” by Hank Hanergraaf at the following link, pay special attention to the middle of the article’s subsection “Seperating Fact From Fabrication” which interviewed and researched Steve Hill’s claims:


Steve Hill’s Counterfeit Revivals  


     Most importantly, J.Lee Brady(an editor for Charisma Magazine ) published his experience at Steve Hill’s counterfeit revivals and follow-ups of the results of their claims. It should be noted that Charisma Magazine is an unbiased view which actually is a supporter of the Charismatic Community which produced such disciples. However, their investigations revealed the following article title “What Happened To Brownsville’s Fire? :


“I am wondering why the church that hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors has shrunk to a few hundred members and now owes millions of dollars for a building they can’t fill. I am struggling to understand why so many people who once were part of the Brownsville church now feel hurt and betrayed. I am wondering if the leaders of this movement mishandled the anointing of God’s presence like Uzzah did when the ark of God almost toppled on the ground (see 2 Sam. 6:6-8).
History shows us that revival is always risky. The devil opposes it, and carnal flesh gets in the way of it. The Holy Spirit is easily quenched by pride, greed, selfish religious agendas and broken relationships.
I can’t be the judge of what brought Brownsville’s demise. But we must face the facts and learn some lessons, or we will repeat the scenario next time.”
Well, it’s being repeated at Bethany(House of Misery in original Hebrew) right now!!  A response to Charisma Magazine’s ambiguity can be read at Steve Lumbley’s site, APOSTASY WATCH.
      Another unbiased article is being preserved/hosted by Rick Ross’s ministry which was originally published by The Pensacola News Journal(1997) entitled “PASTORS ORCHESTRATED FIRST REVIVAL“. It should be noted that The Pensacola News Journal at first published favorable articles on this counterfeit revival until they too (like Charisma Magazine) discovered the scams for themselves.

          In the words of Joel Stockstill at his blog at 220POWER.COM :


“The presence of God in the atmosphere is as electric as lightning in the midst of a mighty wind storm. In an instant, lives are changed as the touch of heaven descends like showers rain. Suddenly a roar begins. It is coming from an army of young people charging forward with thunderous momentum. They are bursting forth from the flood gates with the hurricane force of the Holy Spirit.”

     Are you ready? Well for only $25.00 which is not the cost BUT “The cost of EARLY registration….”. The conference with Steve Hill is hosted by Bethany twice(June 17-19 2008, July 8-10). If you can’t afford to be there maybe you can purchase the DVD that recorded “The presence of God in the atmosphere….” for the following list prices at Bethany’s online store:



     These men false prophets feed on people’s ignorance and dwell on their emotions instead of their logic. As a result, experience and not knowledge of Scripture is the key to an “encounter with GOD”.  They hold on to the latest fad and give disguise it with church clothes so the world can be comfortable. They pretend that thousands upon thousands are being saved YET reality shows that thousands upon thousands are doing ungodly things. If we hold these men to their numbers which they put forth everyone in Baton Rouge should be saved and producing godly fruit. However it’s all for profit, charging admissions fees to enter GOD’s presence with conference after conference.


“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.